Debunking Christian Circular Arguments and Assumptions


By Winston Wu


 Revised 2011



Praises and Reviews


“I work at a public library and thus have access to hundreds of books on religion and spirituality, yet very, very few are as helpful as the one article that you have written. There is even a book titled "Leaving the fold" that is for former fundamentalists leaving their religion, yet your article is arguably better and more useful then the entire book.”

- Ian


“Congratulations on an excellent site.  Your information on evangelical fundamentalist Christianity is the BEST site on the internet.  It spells everything out.  Try to get the search engines to bring it up near the top of searches.”

- Kevin


“I discovered this website while doing some research into Christian Fundamentalism and Atheistic Dogma. I was blown away by how well the arguments against Christianity were, specifically because they lacked emotion fueled "Logic".” 

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Table of Contents



Defining the Terms and Type of Christianity Described

Christian Fundamentalist Theology and Beliefs

- The Christian view of world history

- Christian Fundamentalist doctrines and precepts

Understanding the Mentality and World View of the Christian Fundamentalist

- Two powerful forces controlling their mind

- Reason becoming a servant to belief

- Ego gratification and self-esteem fulfillment

- The benefits of extreme belief systems

- The world as a battleground for souls

- Why deconversion is slow and difficult psychologically and emotionally

- Knowledge is power and protection from fear

Help and Support For Recovering Fundamentalists


Debunking the Main Arguments

Argument # 1:  The Bible is the Infallible Word of God. 

- Three verses that say the Bible is NOT the word of God

Argument # 2:  The Bible is inerrant and contains no contradictions.  Its 66 books are harmonious and its 40+ writers agree on what they wrote. 

- Use of foreshadowing

- Literary dialogue

- Contradictions and discrepancies

- The “read the Bible in its context” argument

Argument # 3:  The Fulfilled Prophecies Argument. 

- Imaginary messianic prophecies

- Nonexistent prophecies

- Failed, expired, and unfulfilled prophecies

Argument # 4:  The Bible is a reliable historical document because it agrees with recorded history and archaeological evidence.

Argument # 5:  The Bible is the word of God because it agrees with science and contains scientific facts.

False scientific facts in the Bible

- Insects do not have four feet

- Rabbits do not chew their cud

- Snakes, while built low, do not eat dirt nor dust

- The bat is not a bird

- Snails do not melt

- The Earth is not flat

- The Earth is not motionless

- The moon is not a light

- Our sun is not the same age as the rest of the stars

- Stars are not little balls of light close to the Earth

- Wind is not held in storehouses

Argument # 6:  The Historicity of Jesus Argument.

Argument # 7:  The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Argument.

Arguments for the Historicity of the Resurrection

- The empty tomb argument

- The “Apostles would not knowingly die for a lie” argument

Argument # 8:  The Trilemma Argument - Lord, Liar, or Lunatic?

Argument # 9:  The Pascal’s Wager Argument.

Argument # 10:  The Testimonials and Changed Lives Argument.

- Related argument: All non-Christians are empty and unhappy without Christ

Argument # 11:  The Miracles and Answered Prayers Argument.

- Analysis of the Atheist explanation for miracles

- Analysis of the Atheist explanation for answered prayers

- My own theory on how and why prayer works

Argument # 12:  Christianity is not a religion. It is a personal relationship with God.

Argument # 13:  God is holy and righteous. We are all sinners and deserve to go to hell.

Argument # 14:  All other religions are the work of Satan.

Argument # 15:  The “Taking the Lord’s name in vain = power” Argument.


Biblical Atrocities committed by God and his followers: The no-win indefensible issue for Christians

- Would God kill or order the killing of innocent children?

- Would God order people to dash infants against rocks and floors?

- Would God make parents eat the flesh of their children?

- Would God order pregnant women to be ripped open?

- Would God kill 70,000 people to punish one man?

- Would God order his followers to kill each other?

- Would God approve of a vow to kill one’s own daughter?

- Would God make people eat feces?!

- Why would God need the sight of severed heads to calm his anger?

- Would God order the mass execution of unarmed captives?

- Would a loving Jesus declare that he would kill innocent children?

- Why would an all loving God discriminate against the handicapped?

- An Unbeatable Challenge to Christians

- Quiz: The Death Toll List - God vs. Satan

- Biblical Atrocities Links

Philosophical Problems with Salvation and Damnation: The Imponderables

Discrepancies and Revealing Facts the Church Never Told You

- Disunity among believers filled with the Holy Spirit

- Evolution of the Salvation Doctrine in the Four Gospels 

- Why Jesus could not be the Messiah of the Old Testament

- The objective historical view of Jesus

- Evolution of Heaven and Hell in the Bible from Zoroastrianism – Good news for the fearful

- The mythological Pagan roots of Christianity

Creationist Arguments Against Evolution

Why Christianity is Tyrannical and Anti-Freedom

Silly Tidbit Questions

Jesus was not a Christian and Buddha was not a Buddhist

My Theory - Religions are Ways of Channeling Energy

Why God Cannot Be All-Good and All-Powerful Yet Allow Evil, Suffering and Injustice

- Excuses and copouts

- Hard questions and common sense

Summary of Christian Circular Arguments and Assumptions Debunked

Key Points to Christians

- Message to Christians


                - If you want spirituality or God in your life without religion 

Appendix A:  My Summary Response to Two Christian Missionaries

Appendix B:  My Anti-Evangelism Tract For Christians

Reader Responses

My Other Debunking Articles



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