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Debunking Christian Circular Arguments and Assumptions

Silly Tidbit Questions


For your amusement now here are some other tidbit questions I’ve brought up in the past.  Some are obviously silly questions, and others are even somewhat geeky.  But if you take Christian fundamentalist theology literally and seriously, then they become valid questions.


1)  How exactly did Satan become 100% evil?  I mean we are told that Lucifer wanted to be God, probably because he wanted some freedom and control over his own life, and so God threw him out of heaven and condemned him and the other fallen angels to hell for all eternity without any chance of salvation.  However, consider this.  How was Lucifer's motive any different than those of an adolescent teenager, who desires some independence, get his own room, own his own car, have his own bank account, etc.?  I mean if your child suddenly wanted a little freedom and control and asked for those things, does that make him all of a sudden transform into a 100% evil villainous being, with his every thought and intention bent on killing you and everyone you love?????  Think about it.


2)  Why doesn't God provide salvation for Satan and his fallen angels as well?  Why didn't Jesus die for them as well?  Since Satan and his fallen angels know that they're going to hell, why don't they try to repent then?  I mean, if God provided Salvation for them, wouldn't it make his Salvation plan for mankind much easier, by eliminating competing forces?  Wouldn't that also eliminate all evil temptations and forces from the Earth as well?


3)  When Satan tempted Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, he took the form of a serpent.  After God found out about it, he cursed the Serpent to crawl on its belly.  Now if snakes on this planet are all descended from that serpent, then consider the following.  a) Were snakes originally beings that stood up and walked?  b) Why curse an innocent whole species of snakes, instead of just cursing Satan alone?  After all, Satan took over and possessed the snake, so it's not like the snake was doing it of its own free will.


4)  Why does God allow Satan to exist?  Why doesn't he annihilate him into oblivion?  Does God thrive on competition from Satan?  If so, why?


5)  If God is all powerful, why did he need six days to create the Earth?  Why couldn’t he have created it in seconds or hours, like on "Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan," where they used a Genesis torpedo to instantly make a lifeless planet blooming with life and vegetation?


6)  Why did God need people to write the Bible for him?  Why couldn’t he just write it himself, or just materialize it out of thin air for the world?  Why rely on fallible human beings who may or may not let follow through?  Why go through all that trouble and risk, when you are all powerful and can just manifest anything instantly?


7)  If the design and order of the universe indicates a maker or designer, then why are 99% of the world's species extinct, according to scientists?  Was that planned and ordered?


8)  Why does an all powerful infinite everlasting God have to rest for one full day on the seventh day after six days of creation?


9)  Why did God create the other planets in our solar system?  Why did God create the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter?  What purpose do they serve?  Why does God need to make Jupiter, a useless object, 100 times bigger than the Earth?


10)  Why does God turn stars into black holes and quasars?  What use are they to either God or man?


11)  Why does God need to form man out of the dust of the ground?  Why couldn’t he have just materialized him out of thin air?  After all, he created the universe out of nothing too.  On the show "Star Trek: The Next Generation" the villain called "Q," could create and materialize things and people out of thin air.  So why couldn’t God materialize people out of thin air too?


12)  If God is all powerful and has control over every atom and molecule in the universe, then why did he need to tell Noah to build the Ark for so many years?  Isn't that just wasting time and letting the wicked world make more babies to be killed?  Why can't God just materialize the Ark for Noah in a second out of thin air?


13)  If God is all powerful, why did he need 40 days and nights to flood the Earth in the Noah's Ark story?  Mankind can now wipe out the Earth in just a day with nuclear weapons.  So is mankind's power and technology now superior to God?


14)  Why did Jesus have to be born of a virgin?  Why couldn't God just either form him out of the dust of the ground, or materialize him out of thin air as well?


15)  If Jesus had to be crucified on the cross, why did God have to use people to do it?  Why didn’t God just take Jesus to the moon or something, crucify him there himself, then tell everyone on Earth about it?  Wouldn't that save him the trouble of having to use the persecutors and Satan and having to hope that all goes as planned?


16)  If Jesus is God, why did he need to walk from city to city?  Why didn’t he just teleport himself like the “Q” does on “Star Trek: The Next Generation?”


17)  If God used to literally and audibly speak to people in the Old Testament times, why doesn't he do that now?  In fact, why doesn’t he physically appear to the world nowadays and say "Hey world, I'm God and I exist, now listen to the Christians ok?"  I mean that would convince practically the whole world if he'd just do that wouldn't it?  As a friend noted:


“If I were God and I wanted people to believe in me, I’d at least show up once in a while.”


18)  Why does God need to ask people questions if he's all knowing?  For example, after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, God comes and asks "Where art thou?"


19)  If Jonah had been thrown off a spaceship into outerspace in our solar system, would it have been beyond God's power to save him?  What could God do, use a comet to carry Jonah back to Earth?


20)  If you got hyperspaced into another galaxy millions of light years away, would the God of the Bible know where you were?


21)  Why is it that most Christians believe that there is no life on any other planets in the universe?  Where do they get this?  The Bible says nothing about that topic.  When pushed for reasons, Christians usually respond with "I just know, I can tell."  Why?


22)  If there are life on other planets in the universe, then does the God of the Bible govern them as well?  If so, then is each planet with intelligent life given the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil as well to test their inhabitants?  Do those aliens on those other worlds need to be saved as well?  Did Jesus die for them as well?  If so, how would they know about it?  Are we supposed to send astronauts to tell them?  Or did God send a separate Jesus to each planet with intelligent life to die for each of them?


Sorry if these questions sounded silly, but I just wonder why an all powerful being who has absolute control over every atom and molecule in the universe can't do things a much simpler way, and whether there are limits to what he can do and know.


For some more humorous fun, see these anti-Christian tracts which are a parody to the ones from Chick Publications.  Some of them are hilarious.


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