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 Pseudoskepticism / Paranormal / Religion



My major treatise and book widely acclaimed in Parapsychology circles, and the first of its kind. Effectively and logically debunks the common prejudiced arguments of media pseudoskeptics and organized skeptic groups such as CSICOP, James Randi, Michael Shermer, etc. 



My major treatise and book addressing and refuting every standard argument made by Christian Fundamentalists, Apologists and Evangelists, point-by-point from every angle. Uses solid arguments, reasoning and logic, with scholarly citations and quotations. Also contains shocking facts about the Bible and its evolution that most Christians don't know.



Simple and matter of fact core problems with Christianity that are irrefutable and unexplainable. Show this to Christians, and they will be dumbfounded and speechless, or defensive and in denial.


This is the short version of the major Debunking Christian Arguments treatise above. A summary of standard Christian circular arguments and unsupported assumptions, each addressed and refuted point-by-point and shown for what they are - an attempt to use fiction to support fiction.


Basic logic in this short essay points to the obvious - that nothing in the Bible or Christian doctrine supports freedom, free choice, liberty or reason, only total tyranny and fascism. Therefore, true Christians must technically be anti-freedom and in favor of total tyranny, which may come as a shock to Christians.  


My critique of a popular New Age belief that often gets taken too far and turned into a religion, leading to a victim-blaming mentality and dangerous consequences. I challenge New Agers and Law of Attraction believers to answer these hard questions that they never address.


My critique of the overgeneralizations and shortcomings of Buddhism, probably the most widely respected of the major religions and hence rarely subjected to critiques or criticisms. Nevertheless, no religion, path or belief system is perfect or without flaws and shortcomings. Here I constructively point out some that I see.



Scams / Shady Business Practices



            A genuine no-nonsense criticism of Market America's misleading false claims using logic, facts and common sense.


An expose of how Multi-Level Marketing works, the tricks they use, why their claims are false and misleading, and why they're mathematically guaranteed to fail. 


The shady practices and sales techniques of Sears Brand Central that Sears doesn't want you to know about, from an insider.


Similar to above, but outlined in 12 points.  



Propaganda / Cultural Myths / Conspiracies



A complete dispelling of the religious propaganda that "America is the epitome of freedom and democracy" and "the land of the free" with common sense examples, overseas experiences, and the fact that nothing really even supports this myth. 


Unveiling the reality of everyday life in America without the hype and propaganda of the media or political correctness. 


Understanding how most Europeans view America, its lifestyle and attempt to turn the rest of the world into mindless consumption-driven zombies and workaholic slaves living segregated and paranoid lives without passion or soul. 



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