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Debunking PseudoSkeptical Arguments of Paranormal Debunkers

Argument # 24: Consciousness is neurologically based, dependent on brain and does not survive physical death.


Skeptics who say this do not really consider all the data and cases.  There are too many credible NDE stories indicating that consciousness survives death to discount (even though one’s consciousness in the afterlife realms may not be the same as in the Earth plane).  I already outlined a list of features that don’t fit this skeptical hypothesis in Argument # 23. 


There are cases where the NDEr has a full blown NDE during a flat brainline.  One compelling case was that of Pam Reynolds, who during neurosurgery has both a flat brainline and a flat heartline, which astounded doctors.  See her case featured in this documentary segment here.


As a result of such cases, Dr. Sam Parnia and other MD’s presented the case for the Afterlife at the UN Symposium.  See clips of their presentation here.


SCEPCOP member Travis Basinger lists here a host of features of apparitions which suggests that consciousness may exist separate from the body/brain that PseudoSkeptics do not take into account in their hypotheses and refuse to include in their data.


SCEPCOP member Victor Zammit, a retired Australian lawyer, makes the case for the Afterlife in his website and free ebook here. 


He now has publicly issued his own million dollar challenge to anyone who can refute his afterlife evidence, to counter that of paranormal debunker James Randi. 


His rebuttals to skeptics and debunkers can be found here.  


Zammit now has videos up on about these topics, which you can find in his channel here:


There are many other sites and information that can be found on the internet about this subject which you can see a list of by Googling “life after death”, but the one above will give you a fantastic overview and starting point if you wish to research this topic. Here are some others:


- The NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) contains the largest database of NDE cases.


- The International Survivalist Society contains news, articles, and research on life after death.


- Survival After Death - Campaign for Philosophical FreedomCompiled by Michael Roll, who has been a long-time UK campaigner for study of the Afterlife to be treated as a branch of physics and for unbiased media reporting of afterlife research.  His site contains many useful articles and links.  One of the best articles on there is The Scientific Proof of Survival After Death.


- Finally, as mentioned in Argument # 16, Dr. Gary Schwartz of The Human Energy Lab of Tucson University has done a series of experiments on mediumship which gave overwhelming results.  See his book The Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death.  His website is at:

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