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Skeptics, why wont Phil Plait apologize for his lies/errors?

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Skeptics, why wont Phil Plait apologize for his lies/errors?

Postby Scepcop » 07 Feb 2010, 20:50

You believe that people should apologize for their mistakes and errors right? Even ProfWag occasionally will apologize for mistakes here.

Yet Phil Plait of has been caught in numerous lies and when confronted by them, refuses to apologize or admit to them.

Why? Maybe some of you can get him to fess up at least?

Here Jarrah White documents two lies by Phil Plait about Bill Kaysing, playing what Plait said and also what Kaysing originally said as well. When you match them up, Plait obviously lied about him twice. It's clear cut here. Have a look.

So don't you think Plait should apologize for these lies/errors?

Jarrah White always apologizes when he errs, in his subsequent videos, when his errors are found. That's what a real man does, right?

Why do some skeptics have no honor or integrity? I don't get it.
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Re: Skeptics, why wont Phil Plait apologize for his lies/errors?

Postby Nostradamus » 26 Feb 2010, 23:38

Does he ALWAYS apologize for errors. I watched the video and the first lie he told was in the first 45 seconds. He's not a believable source for any information whatsoever.
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