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What UFO Disclore really means: IMPORTANT

Discussion about UFO's, Aliens, ET's, Alien Abductions, Ancient Astronaut theories, etc.

Re: What UFO Disclore really means: IMPORTANT

Postby Craig Browning » 14 Sep 2011, 18:53

Not to mention the fact that we are only just now figuring out how to create fibers that are as strong as this and similar substance. . . I think it's the saliva of the mong fish that's really got things heated on that front; some method of synthesizing the stuff makes it stronger than titanium and still elastic. A strand 1/3rd the thickness of the typical human hair can lift something around 300 lbs.!?!

Still in the development stages but I can't wait to see what ends up coming from it.
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Craig Browning
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Re: What UFO Disclore really means: IMPORTANT

Postby DB25 » 26 Jun 2014, 05:01

Thank you, OP, for making this post. When I first read these briefings a few years back, they completely changed my perspective on this phenomenon, which up until that point had been to interpret it all as being positive and for our benefit (I was also, before that point, unaware of the works of Karla Turner and David Jacobs that corroborate what is stated in the briefings). So thank you for helping to expand my perspective.
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Re: What UFO Disclore really means: IMPORTANT

Postby Misha » 26 Jun 2014, 11:33

Elhardt wrote:I'm not completely sure what the point of the thread is since it seemed to bring in all kinds of baseless speculations related to alien motives. Nobody knows their motives. If there were some kind of official disclosure, for instance a speech by a U.S. president, it just wouldn't change much. People will still get up in the morning and go to work. There will be the typical deniers who will still refuse to believe. Religions will still go on as usual. The biggest problem it would cause is in science, as it would be a major problem for Darwian evolution. We're told if we were to replay the tape of evolution that we'd end up looking totally different. But aliens with humanoid bodies would disprove the whole random mutation nonsense. And if they're genetically compatible with us, that would really be the nail in the coffin. We'd now be forced into common creation or interventionist theories.

In the video below where lots of military people talk about UFOs messing with our missile bases, they speculate towards the end what alien motives might be.

Excellent, Elhardt! We don't know "their" motives. It is classic "A" for Alien. The problem is we cannot ascribe our anthropocentric view on something we have yet to understand with surety. And, I believe you're correct if the world's populace finally understood we are not alone and "they" have been here all along this will be an epiphany to the masses and an impedance to complex societies. In my opinion this is a fact given my research. The world's populace would look upon this revelation with a degree of novelty until such time they have to feed and clothe their kids. The issue is how the bureaucracy will respond. That's the real problem. No one wants to be made to go to work at gunpoint upon affirmation that ET is real. We are 7 days away from ground to shelf from starvation. The powers-to-be whether we like it or not are putting in the apparatus to insure this does not happen. The 7 Ms of power, not just religion and science will be affected. These are Media, Markets, Muscle (Military), Medical, Money, Morals (Religion) and Minds (Academia). Under the 7Ms will need C-Cubed-I (Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence), i.e., 10th Fleet. Nothing can be left for chance. Now let's look again at the Information Dominance Center Keith B. Alexander put in place. Now we are getting somewhere.....
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Re: What UFO Disclore really means: IMPORTANT

Postby ProfWag » 29 Jun 2014, 19:11

Here's my issue with aliens. From how many different planets or galaxies do "they" come from? There have been sooooooo many different types of sightings, yet if what you're saying is true, then they all have the same motive and desire not to travel through space and/or time to find out what we really are all about. Personally, I just don't see that to be the least bit feasible. And please don't tell me they've already made contact and secret government agencies are covering it up. If that were the case, our technology would already be leaps and bounds beyond what currently have. I would love it if we are being visited by outside worlds, but there is simply no credible evidence that supports that notion.
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Re: What UFO Disclore really means: IMPORTANT

Postby firerhumba » 22 Jul 2014, 21:36

Mystery wrote:More and more UFOs are being seen all around the world in the recent years and it is becoming an accepted fact by an increasing part of the population. You can find many proofs by searching the internet. What does that really mean? Although I recently became aware of this phenomenon of alien contact, I had no clue whatsoever about their intentions of what kind of impact it could have. I just came across a book from an outside perspective that brings a LOT of answers about what is happening, and a warming.

There has been so many sightings but has no credible evidence
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