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God of my understanding or perception.

Share your paranormal and psychic experiences here. Do you have any stories of how you came to realize that there were other dimensions or levels of reality? NO SKEPTICS ALLOWED!

God of my understanding or perception.

Postby Alan McDougall » 03 Jun 2017, 23:35

Creation of existence and the God of my perception

Hi, I regret that my hypothetical God comes over as very egotistical, but I suppose these attributes go with being God and the creator of all things

There was no real beginning each cycle, ended sometime and began again in the everlasting cycle of order to chaos and chaos back to order.

Within the cosmic cloud, the always was, took form and evolved again into a dense oneness or primordial energy moving in the everlasting cycle of order to chaos.

Within a Timeless zone, before existence came to be, a pool of infinite pure thought held within it all the hopes, dreams, for creating new order within the realms of existence and reality and these immense waves of pure magnetic thought gradually coalesced and a mighty sentient consciousness emerged out of previous chaos.

I experienced time only in my dreams and the cup of my dreams ran over as do rivers that overflow their banks. I dreamed infinity of dreams in first instant, and Infinity multiplied by infinity in the timeless zone I thought of creating all possibilities in one awesome now

I awoke and thought the first thoughts of the infinitely primordial mind I had become. Out of the realm of chaos, I began to recreate outside the absolute realm and started the first realities based on new planes realms dimensions and textures.

Aware of infinite potential in vast unploughed fields of nothing, I strode with great beams of Radiant Light toward the infinite horizons of eternity, sowing seeds of existence, before the timeless moment of creation.

I became the first Spirit as I twisted in agony of birth, boiling dissolving reformed writhed and shaking before existence or creation were realities and began to organise myself into the mighty being of thought and infinite intelligence.

I grew out of nothingness by my own will, before anything else existed and with the mobilities of my original thoughts spoke out and created all that ever was, all that is, and all that will ever be.

I drifted eternally in and out of awareness and within the mind flux of pure energy. I tossed out the forms of singularities started the flow of time and withdrew into itself outside time or space and sustained its creation as a static force of infinite power.

Before I could create I who am everything, had to withdraw of myself to open up a void in which to place the universes I was about to grow out of the thought seeds resting in my mind, waiting to be planted,

At the moment of the thundering dawn of creating existence, I sent out the primordial heat to light up the universes for the seeds of life to be planted within them. I waited and watched as my creation grew and expanded and it filled my being with joy and satisfaction and I knew my workmanship had been good.

I walked down the road of forever and sat down on the throne of infinity. I am the light being and my everlasting purpose is to create and cause existence, I am both nothing and everything I am the light that dispels the dark.

With infinite power and intellect I the ever existing one looked out at a new empty infinite dark void. I am boundless I will create something with the potential to become like myself.

Therefore I separated into an infinity of fragments yet remained connected to my created beings as a great creator and father spirit.

I made polarities which separated and out from them, the sons of light and the sons of dark flew apart and enmity existed between the forces of good and the forces of evil.

I decided to separate existence into dualities and I withdrew myself into the everlasting light and banished the evil one everlasting darkness. In this way, all sentient beings could freely choose in which duality to exist.

Opposing forces split the chasm, as light blazed to banish the dark and the dark flowed as thick darkness to blot out the light forever.

I set up a plan to correct my primordial mistake and bring back those caught up and lost to the evil darkness, into the living light again.

There was no cause to my existence I having no Cause I am therefore both the effect and affect sustainers and shaper of all things that exist

On the panorama of bleak blackness, I sewed seeds of universal radiant energy. Reality is the gem of my creation and the beauty of my achievement. I am it who lives, forever and forever. It is I who illuminated the everlasting darkness of the primordial void, with beams of dazzling light in living and translucent glory to share it with those who love me.

My acts of creation are cyclic events and my purpose reason for my existence. I formulate everything in the thoughts of my Mind and knew the first numbers.

With the simplicities and realities of the fundamentals, I made everything. I am the Prime Mover and there was no other proponent to my "first cause". I am the "immovable rock" and the" alpha point". I took these first fundamentals and weaved them into the fabric of the reality, creating all the limitless universes on the infinite timeless foam where before there was but nothing. You exist because I exist!

We sang together the song of creation and the new universe began to vibrate with countless frequencies of light, glory translucent and everlasting with the vibrations of the song of existence. The singer sang the song, and the painter and the painting, the creator the creation.

The universe then began to weave, dance, and vibrate flux and vortex into one colossal maelstrom, spiral in perfect order from the mind of the eternal one The Universe danced and sang with joy. The dancer danced and sang along with his new creation.

Great huge blue/ white fusion fire stars formed from primaeval hydrogen, lived a short two million years exploding a colossal Supernovae so that new long living golden fusion stars, containing all the other elements necessary for life could form from their dust and join together into great beautiful billions of huge galaxies.

Each galaxy contained thousands of billions of yellow golden long life stars like Sol, which, would each burn in beauty for 20 billion stable years. the heavy substances of life were know contained in each star so that blue- water beautiful worlds like Earth could form and be the cradle of mortal life.

Oh! How we rejoiced together that wonderful day. The mighty suns began to sing together the beautiful song of creation across the vastness of the marvellous new mighty universe. All sang together in wonderful harmony.
I am life giver. Back before anything was conceived, I am Infinite pure "mind" and "thought" there is no dark only light within my infinite domain, so I moved upon the great void of dark and said "let there be" light' and there was light. From the light came love and life.

The physical universe

All information, both past, present, and future, exists in the ““Superconsciousness”.” The “Superconsciousness” (or Collective Mind) transcends time and space and with diligent practice, is consciously accessible from the deep state of awareness.

Sentient“intelligent beings in the universe are interconnected in what I call the Superconsciousness” this is not God, it is where information comes from for all accurate predictions and visions, whether auditory, visual, or emotional. It encompasses all that is and all that will be in our universe. In truth, it is where our thoughts go to and come from.

We only perceive these whispering thoughts in our brain and usually take little notice of them but we should try to be more aware and connect with this source of universal knowledge for the benefit of humankind, we have learned to filter out them to our disadvantage.

I see it as something similar to the hive mind of the bee or ant but that, which connects all higher beings in one consciousness throughout the universe. I speculate this “Superconsciousness” is finite consisting of finite albeit highly intelligent life forms throughout the universe and “is not the infinite creator God” but one of his creations. A sort of galactic, or universal internet, think how useful this source would be if only we could gain access to it when we want to?

The universe is a sleeping giant a sort colossal being and we are just neurones within it, but I don’t really like this idea of a living evolving intelligent universe

The physical universe is unimaginably beautiful a crown diamond the most precious jewel in of Gods crown his achievement a creation with for he was well pleased, exploding with life and light. These are some of the heavens that declare the glory of God

Strange worlds revolving around other stars within other galaxies are painted in a myriad of colours unknown and unseen of earth blazed, flashed, revolved in glorious maelstroms like colossal aurora borealis in such glory in the heavy planes and the physical universe that would have blinded human eyes.

 Cerulean clouds of energy rolled and merged changing into aubergine, incarnadine and green viridity, gladeen, misord, bladgreed, blueploom, surgrrezeing, astromosterdram, these words for some of these colours just entered my mind and I remembered them for this document. Beings on planets such as these communicate by flashing colours of a billion different shades and spectrums, each subtle shade can have a particular meaning of mean more than all the data on earth in a moment

“Plasma Beings” using magnetic energy in beautiful alabaster like robes, joined our journey and raced across the ethereal realms with us like dolphins do on earth. I remembered a story I had read as a child “I am the magnetic body electric” I had this type of body for too short a time (of course there is no concept of time, but is the best word here)

There are plasma beings Dwellers on the furnaces of the suns, to them the inferno we call the surface of a sun or star is cool life-giving warmth. They survive on magnetic energy.

I went amongst the stars, saw their mighty glory and glorious multi-colored planets, and observed great beings with huge gossamer wings that were a million kilometres from wingtip to wingtip, which sailed on the radiant light in the dark oceans of space that makes up most of the universe.

Some worlds were so similar to earth that at first, I thought I was looking at earth or a city of earth. But a closer look revealed odd differences, the gait of the beings, their transport vehicles all differed minutely.

On another world, the entities were so odd so different that I thought they were just part of the background a rock or a long thin dark looking tree, but they are highly evolved sentient beings like us.

Size is relative and there are huge entities and entities unimaginable small, most very small life form are hive based minds and at the hive level sentient and intelligent with purpose.

Some lived at a much slower rate than humans, their year a billion years compared to ours. They do not know we exist; we are fleeting vibrating electrons to them.

Far in the utter dark of space dark worlds exist in the void remote from any other are worlds hanging alone in the abysmal cold of absolute zero. But are these worlds dead and void of life? Not so, beings exist on them and they live so slowly that the life of the universe is but a day to them. To them, ice is a raging inferno.

Other beings come into existence like a fundamental particle, live and die in one infinitesimal moment, too small for our best instrument to measure, but they are intelligent living beings like us.

The creation of our physical universe was spoken to me in these few profound mighty words

New creation started again. (The infinite eternal cycle of existence)

I decided to create homes (beautiful blue water worlds) and beautiful life, from the substance of the inexhaustible energy of the many dimensions of his being.

The Lord created me in the beginning of his works, before all else, when he set the heavens in their place, I was there before he made the earth, I was his darling child and played the creation game, in eternal joy with him. I was his craftsman and his companion and delight. Wisdom and word are my name and I was with him before all creation. He is the ancient of days and I am his eternal son.

We together created mighty superstrings and weaved them together with colossal strands of energetic light coloured in beautiful magnificent opalescence into the very fabric of reality and a new unimaginably beautiful universe was born in glory and delight.
In pristine beauty, the planet earth was created.

But God hesitated and decided to first create immortal companions Angels of light that would serve him, without question.

He then looked at that most unique and beautiful pristine of water blue worlds, planet earth in a beautiful universe, we call it planet earth and the sun around which it revolves is called Sol.

God then created all the creatures on the earth and in the universe gave humanity a colossal complex brain so that they could look after all the creatures on blessed mother earth. He gave humanity one thing unique from all the other creatures, namely, a free will without any restrictions or reservations or conditions.

Who am I?              Who Is It?

I am God It is Deception

Choose wisely choose life.

By Alan McDougall © Copyright 2014 South Africa
Alan McDougall
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