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Why we have yet to be contacted by aliens.

Discussion about UFO's, Aliens, ET's, Alien Abductions, Ancient Astronaut theories, etc.

Why we have yet to be contacted by aliens.

Postby Greatest I am » 19 Nov 2016, 23:22

Why we have yet to be contacted by aliens.

Spaceship Earth is religiously and politically in chaos. Corruption is rampant in all of our social political and economic system. Those are mostly led by corrupt officials, be they Popes, Presidents or our Plutocrat owners.

The only reason that aliens would travel between planetary systems, a time and energy using endeavor, would be for trade and curiosity as to the other types of entities aliens will encounter.

Variety and security of life would be the prime concerns to aliens as boredom within their peaceful Shangri-La’s would be the greatest force that they would fear and try to alieve with space travel and meeting various species.

Spaceship Earth is being rejected as a place to visit. Aliens know that they would add to the chaos that we already suffer, and that their security would be jeopardized by an association with Spaceship Earth.

Imagine yourself as a representative of an alien race. Of the millions of possible safe havens, species and cultures you could visit, would you choose a chaotic place like Spaceship Earth to visit?

Your answer my friend is why we have yet to contacted.

We are far from ready for any alien race to contact us and that situation will not change until we bring order to Spaceship Earth.

If you can think demographically and in galactic terms, which an alien race would have to do, then the solution to our chaos and disorder will come to your mind.

It will include a world leader and government, which would be what any alien Captain would look for. If an alien visited today and asked to be taken to our leader or Captain, his request could not be granted as we have yet to elect either. To think a Captain of an alien species would waste his time and resources on us is quite a foolish thought. Our chaos is also our enemy and until we bring our chaos to heel, we will remain alone in the universe.

Chaos in religious and political systems is any alien’s Captains first enemy. Our chaos is what has made aliens shun our Spaceship Earth.

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