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Santiago AB Chile UFO

Discussion about UFO's, Aliens, ET's, Alien Abductions, Ancient Astronaut theories, etc.

Santiago AB Chile UFO

Postby ProfWag » 16 Mar 2012, 08:41

Can't wait for more info on this to come out: ... p-ufo-buzz
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Re: Santiago AB Chile UFO

Postby August West » 24 Mar 2012, 05:10

Some remarkable footage, pretty stunning evidence. Sadly, it's not enough to sway even one 'denier'. Their mental block is too deep-seated to be influenced by this, unless the networks and cable news made it their top story and called it proof.
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Re: Santiago AB Chile UFO

Postby NinjaPuppy » 30 Mar 2012, 21:08

What's up with the 'stop/start' motion in that video? I can sort of tell that the highlighted UFO seems to be going MUCH faster than the planes but with the video starting and stopping, it's kind of weird.
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