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Preacher Hijacks Airplaine to predict Earthquake

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Preacher Hijacks Airplaine to predict Earthquake

Postby ciscop » 12 Sep 2009, 09:13

A bolivian preacher hijacked a mexican aircraft to tell about a prophecy that will happen in the next 3 years
a massive earthquake
in mexico city there´s little earthquakes with no damages on a trimonthly basis..
the last big one they got was on 1985 when 10,000 people died ... earthquake

but well.. if you wanna see the preacher news.. here it is

3 years is his window tu jump to massive fame in the paranormal community
if he gets it, he proofs god and is a prophet
if he doesnt, everybody will forget about it

For every person who reads this valuable book there are hundreds of naïve souls who would prefer to have their spines tingled by a sensational but worthless potboiler by some hack journalist of the paranormal. You who now read these sentences join a small but wiser minority. Martin Gaardner (Psychology of the Psychic)
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