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The electromagnetic active role on nonlocal influence

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The electromagnetic active role on nonlocal influence

Postby Pablo AM » 18 Oct 2015, 11:34

There are numerous papers that speak about some nonlocal mental influences (telepathy, energetic healing) and try to prove their reality, there are also some paper that reports environment electromagnetic fields alteration during focused intentions

For example those from M.M. Morga with alterations in the Extremly Low Frequency band:

2014 - Magnetic field activity during psychic healing: A preliminary study with Healing Touch practitioners

2010 - Anomalous magnetic field activity during a bioenergy healing experiment

2013 - Healing Waves

Others in the same line:

2010 - The Healing Connection: EEG Harmonics, Entrainment, and Schumann’s Resonances

2006 - Experimental Data Demostrating Augmentation of Ambient Gravitational and Geomagnetic Fields

There are also papers that speak about alterations in the light frequency band.. i.e. emissions of Biophotons (1), for example from Persinger group at Laurentian University (I saw that he is known in this forum: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1533)

Cerebral Biophoton Emission as a Potential Factor in Non-Local Human-Machine Interaction

And this group, most importantly, are experimenting with systems that demostrate that separated biological sytems or/and RNG (2) influences nonlocaly when they are surronded by electromagnetic fields of same characteristics

2011 - Photon emissions from human brain and cell culture exposed to distally rotating magnetic fields shared by separate light-stimulated brains and cells
2012 - “Doubling” of local photon emissions when two imultaneous, spatially-separated, chemiluminescent reactions share the same magnetic field configurations
2013 - Experimental Demonstration of Potential Entanglement of Brain Activity over 300 Km for Pairs of Subjects Sharing the Same Circular Rotating, Angular Accelerating Magnetic Fields: Verification by s_LORETA, QEEG Measurements
2013 - Excessive correlated shifts in pH within distal solutions sharing phase-uncoupled angular accelerating magnetic fields: Macro-entanglement and information transfer
2014 - Non-Local pH Shifts and Shared Changing Angular Velocity Magnetic Fields: Discrete Energies and the Importance of Point Durations
2015 - Experimentally-Induced Inhibition of Growth in Melanoma Cell Cultures Separated by ~2 Kilometers When Both Share Excess Correlation Magnetic Fields: Macroscopic Evidence of Free-Space Quantum Teleportation?

and now they facilitate mental influence between Europe and NorthAmerica!

2015 - Experimental Production of Excess Correlation across the Atlantic Ocean of Right Hemispheric Theta-Gamma Power between Subject Pairs Sharing Circumcerebral Rotating Magnetic Fields
(Part I),%20et%20al%20-%202015%20-%20JCER%20-%20PART%201_Experimental%20Production%20of%20Excess%20Correlation%20across%20the%20Atlantic%20Ocean%20of.pdf
(Part II),%20et%20al%20-%202015%20-%20JCER%20-%20PART%202_Experimental%20Production%20of%20Excess%20Correlation%20across%20the%20Atlantic%20Ocean%20of.pdf

I want to say. on the other hand, that there are numerous papers that correlate some classes of electromagnetic fields with consciousness. particularly I have the conviction that electromagnetism more than be correlated to consciousness IS the consciousness.. here there are scientific papes that works with this hypotesis and other related topics, (included above mentioned in the Nonlocality & Fields section)

(1) For information about biophotons I am compiling and classifying papers about them in, in the sections of Endogenous Fields and Applied Fields-Experimental.

(2) Random Nunber Generators, or also REG: Random Event Generators ("computes randomness based off of electron tunneling procedures within two Esaki diodes within the apparatus")
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