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What exactually do I have?

Discussions about Psychics and Psychic Phenomena, Extra Sensory Perception, Telepathy, Psi, Clairvoyancy, 6th Sense, Psychokinesis, etc.

What exactually do I have?

Postby ashraelove » 22 Jan 2012, 12:10

Ever since I hit puberty I have been having wierd things going on. If I stand next to someone I can feel everything they are feeling... and when Im in a room filled with people I get a headache and have to walk out of the room or just deal with the pain... as Ive gotten older I can stand the pain so much better than I had in the past but still have to deal with these stupid emotions... I absolutley hate it because I can never feel my own emotions except for depression... no one at the behavior and mental health hospital understood and just called me bipolar... I hate this so much... im 16 about to be 17 in a few months Ivve had to deal with this for 5 years almost.... can someone please tell me how long this is going to lastt....
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Re: What exactually do I have?

Postby CloverThumper » 28 Feb 2012, 11:16

I think you probably know by now that you have a psychic gift to pick up on others emotions. You may be what someone close to me calls a 'psychic sponge'.

You are probably a natural empath, which means you are uncommonly sensitive to electromagnetic energy.
You probably have some sort of heightened sense of awarness on the emotional level, and it is known that emotions play a major part in changing the resonant frequency of a persons body, this can wreak havoc on our bodies and emotions.

In a room full of people the resonant frequencies of all the people are bouncing, clashing, and possibly harmonizing all at once.

Have you noticed that you feel more okay when around people who are similar to you? (of course most of us do!)
Typically those we become close with have similar resonant patterns as we do, like harmonics, which causes a comfortable melding of the two 'energies'. But this doesn't mean we can't take on their physical, psychological and emotional pains. This is like entanglement.

Have you also noticed if loud noises/sounds and music tend to bother you more so than other people?

Some empaths or psychics have connections with different aspects such as sound, touch, smell, sight, emotions, though patterns, etc. Though they are all linked and all have their own resonating patterns.

Have you noticed that you can 'read' people because of this ability to sense their emotions? Even their hidden intentions or feelings?

I would highly recommend you go see a GOOD Reiki practitioner, possibly a traditional one and not some woo woo new age one, or someone who is known to be very good..
Use your intuitve feelings about the person you're going to see, as in try to meet them in person first before you get the reading and you might be able to tell if they seem honest, or accurate. Don't rely on them though. Try to be your own power center, connected with a purpose to fufil the higher purpose given to you. This can be very uplifting in times of hurt. Some of the most loving, connected and energetically powerful people tend to attract negative energy as 'it' attempts to dampen this affect and blot out the light.

Also you may want to see a good naturopathic doctor to get them to do a test on your body and see if you have any imbalances.

I tend to get this too.

Try to imagine pushing any uncomfortable emotions down from the top of your body to the ground and out of you.. like a wave moving down your body.. this may drop your blood pressure, relax your muscles, and calm you. You can eventually learn to do this right in the middle of a tense situation, you'll notice how much of a difference it can make, and having the practice and strength to do it in the middle of a crowd could be quite powerful. Do this by going somewhere alone, breathing out the stress in a quick blow, and giving your head a light shake. You can even do this right in the middle of things, though it can be hard with so much stimulus at first, and while trying to hold a coherent conversation.

You'll possibly notice the stress might jump to other people instead of you, as negative energy needs a place to go once it realizes it can't feed on your stress anymore...don't mind this, it's not your fault, and you can always pray and push positive feelings outward. Like a big warm ball stretching out into the room whenever u feel worried about the situation. Do not come to rely on that particular technique though because it can drain you of energy because it takes a lot to become a beacon of happy energy, and this can possibly attract more negative energy to try to set you off balance again.

Also imagine your love of higher good, high purpose, even if you do not know your purpose or niche in life, just focus on the positive feelings you have for yourself, such as the fact that you ARE alive, colors, shape and sound ARE beautiful and you are happy to experience these wonderous things. Be as in awe as a child in every moment, which switches your brain frequencies, and in turn your bodies. You'll naturally start to attract good friends for yourself, and good situations as you will be resonating with these experiences. (There really in a finite math about this).

When feeling down, try this technique: While standing straight, bounce lightly on the balls of your feet, using your weight to drop just before hitting the floor and then up again. Do this just enough to get a good up and down shake going. This activates your thymus right around your collar bone. Look up thymus is you need to see where exactly this is. Also you can tap the area with moderate pressure with the pads of your fingers all around the area. This is where most of us feel anxiety, you may notice effects right away.

Just plain focus on what makes you tic. Take special time to yourself to connect with your more creative side, and Don't be an emotional doormat or a shoulder to cry on when you don't have the energy to. You're allowed to be selfish (in a healthy way) when you need to.
Sometimes people will unknowingly be pushed to contact us when we are meant to be having a very good day by ourselves, this way your light gets sucked or dampened unconsciously.

Also for further protection you may want to imagine psychic shields around yourself...and try crossing your arms, legs, ankles or hands, this way you are 'closing the circuit' which helps block negative or discordant energy from effecting you.

Possible take up the practice of drinking calming teas like chamomile, or holy basil. Eat natural/organic foods, be healthy and meditate on emptying your mind of thoughts and emotions.
MAKE SURE YOU GO TO CLEAN, SAFE and lovely areas of nature where you can be alone to 're-charge'.

Try to keep your close circle with only people who are not erratic energetically on a regular basis. We are all human and we have our days... though some tend to have their life in this way, and no amount of trying to help them will change them. You have to protect yourself as a duty to your natural purpose.

(These are only suggestions. I am not a doctor, I am just a collector of information, and I got most of this from my own experience with similar effects to what you have, and from a very reliable source.)

Hope this helps! :)

I'm sure you have this gift for many specific reasons. Use it wisely, and always for good, despite whatever you tend to realize about the intentions of less than good people around you. Just walk away and focus on giving time to those who are worth it, and will truly appreciate you.
(Safe People) an awesome book.

Phew! That was a lot. I just have so much care for people who have this potential!!


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Re: What exactually do I have?

Postby Craig Browning » 28 Feb 2012, 23:08

Clover Thumper (I see bunnies everywhere for some reason) is correct, you probably have a naturally heightened sense of empathy but let's step back and kick the boogieman out of the picture. .

Ok. . . this is my second attempt at saying this right. . . bare with me.

Yes, you want to explore this propensity but you do not want to do this one-sided. Where I'd encourage you to grab a deck of Tarot Cards and learn how to work with them and do Readings with others, my reasoning centers on how such experience will help you digest things, realizing if you actually do have that empathic connection with folks or not. Conversely, I think you need to step back and contemplate things from a far more mundane perspective as well, breaking down this ability so you can understand it from a more down-to-earth manner; we are talking about emotional sensitivity -- empathy -- which can be the result of our unconscious collection of data from a person, place or thing that in turn is processed, giving us a "gut feeling" or personal subconscious connection with "energy" that we can describe and relate to. In other words, there is a psychological and physiological course of explanation though abstract; it is my personal preference in that I like to keep the fantasy of being psychic at arms length, it's too dangerous a territory to get caught-up in. So don't just accept the idea that you may be psychic and similarly, redefine what it means to be such in your own head, so that it holds to that down-to-earth course of recognition vs. the more folkloric and fantasiful modes found in New Age commercialism.

There is a marked recognition of persons, like yourself, that develop a heightened level of sensitivity during puberty, most of whom displayed similar traits during their toddler years (2-5) including the knack of having several "Imaginary" friends. I'll bet if you think back on it, you'll remember a few and more so, you'll remember them teaching you certain things and perhaps incidents in which they were protecting you. Again, very common, very much part of traditional understanding prior to the Christian influence on society. While these traditional understandings have managed to survive to some limited degree, Christianity did it's best to subdue them and remove all facets of traditional "mysticism" from human culture, which is why its so little known of now days.

Unfortunately we haven't sufficient room to cover this topic but I'd been amiss to not encourage you to study things from either side of the proverbial fence so you can find your own answers vs. being told something as "fact" based on someone else's opinion.
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Re: What exactually do I have?

Postby Mr Q » 26 Feb 2015, 00:28

Can anyone explain to me why some psychic abilities surface/greatly expand when one reaches puberty? I know a lot of body changes take place (hormones, etc.) due to chemical changes throughout the body but why would these changes effect any psychic ability? If its a brain only situation, how/why do the chemical changes of puberty change or manifest any psychic ability? And are these psychic changes more common with one gender than the other?

Since the OPer mentioned puberty, I hope this post does not highjack his thread.
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