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The Science Behind Psychic Phenomena - Time Magazine

Discussions about Psychics and Psychic Phenomena, Extra Sensory Perception, Telepathy, Psi, Clairvoyancy, 6th Sense, Psychokinesis, etc.

The Science Behind Psychic Phenomena - Time Magazine

Postby Scepcop » 01 Sep 2011, 09:28

Check this out. These mainstream publications have covered positive evidence in favor of psychic phenomena.

The Science Behind Psychic Phenomena - Time Magazine ... 87,00.html

In her new book The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena, former Harvard professor Diane Hennacy Powell combines philosophy, physics, and empirical data to examine supernatural traits like telepathy (the ability to access someone else's consciousness), psychokinesis (the ability to use one's consciousness to affect external objects), clairvoyance (the ability to broaden one's consciousness to remote time and space) and precognition (the ability to see into the future). She spoke to TIME about Abraham Lincoln's eerie dreams, Einstein's theories of time-travel and the idea that anybody can be a psychic.

Read more: ... z1WeyuAjZl

Also, Psychology Today:

Have Scientists Finally Discovered Evidence for Psychic Phenomena? ... -phenomena
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