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Tsk Tsk Dr. Oz A two part video

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Tsk Tsk Dr. Oz A two part video

Postby really? » 09 Feb 2013, 05:08

Recently, Dr. Mehmet Oz, the cardiologist who accepts “reiki” and “evening-out the human body’s energy aura,” announced his acceptance of homeopathy, possibly the most thoroughly tested quack medicine claim, ever; it has failed every double-blind, legitimate, scientific set of tests to which it has been subjected. In November 2002, I offered the JREF million-dollar prize to the UK homeopaths if their claims could pass an extensive test based upon the protocol designed by Dr. Jacques Benveniste [1935-2004] -- a major supporter of homeopathy -- supervised by the Royal Society, the Royal London Hospital, University College, London, and Guy's Hospital, and witnessed by the homeopaths themselves. The results were quite negative, but Dr. Oz has chosen to accept this weird idea, and endorsed it on his site. Comments immediately poured in on his website [ ... r-kit-pt-1 ] for his “Homeopathic Starter Kit”…

I took just the first 25 responses to examine. Two of them – falsely – asserted that the negative comments were being deleted, though for all I know, that might have been done, at first. Of the 25, there were nine that were in favor of Oz’s new [edited] factor. Of those 9, five were from homeopathic “doctors” or from persons connected to “alternative” healing agencies, and two offered Dr. Oz “blessings.” There was one that I still haven’t figured out – #21, and the rest – 12 – ridiculed both the show and Dr. Oz.

Here they are, in order:

All the negative comments are being deleted. I suppose that the relative dilution of the negative comments will only make them stronger?

When a doctor tells you to take medicine with no active ingredients, it's okay to question the motives of that doctor. Just so you know.

Homeopathy is at best quack medicine and at worst potentially life threatening if taken in place of genuine medical treatment. Dr. Oz should be ashamed of himself for promoting this and in my opinion should be struck off the medical register for ignoring the first rule: “First, do no harm “. Homeopathy causes a great deal of harm.
See how your comment (and mine) gets deleted!

Jelly Beans are more delicious, and you can have a good witch doctor enchant them at half the cost. A fractional solution of atoms in a water pill isn't medicine. Investigate "peer reviewed medicine" and save your money. One can only hope the FDA discredits you and your snake oil before more people suffer while you sell them magic healing.

Seems the snake oil salesmen will never go away.

Homeopathy = water. LOLOLOLOL!

I knew Oz was a joke, but this is ridiculous. Homeopathy is one of the biggest jokes in history. LOL. Fools. Good for a laugh anyway.

Dr OZ - stick to what you know. Don't peddle overpriced water. If homeopathy worked, we'd have to recognize we are all surviving on urine.

Absurd! Sylvia Browne next?

A timely and important show to inform the public about the value of homeopathy for healing the body, mind and spirit. Very thankful that Dr Oz supports this form of medicine for his family and his audience. We appreciate having expert guests on in this field and that people can take basic steps towards healing and learning about fundamental remedies in every day ailments. Blessings, Debby.

Thirsty anyone? Homeopathy is known to cure thirst. Of course, why wouldn't it, if it's really nothing more than water?

Dr Oz thank you for your program on Homeopathy. I as a homeopathic doctor really appreciate like many others your courage to air such a program. May be in future shows you can continue to bring in Homeopathic doctors from all over the world to share their experiences. Congratulations. (from an “alternative school” in Calcutta)

is there a book/site that tells whats best for who? they touched a bit about it on the show, i kno sum things work different for sum really interested in transitioning

No, I think what you'll have to do is take a medical degree. Homeopathy is a dangerous scam.

Homeopathic remedies are just water with no active ingredients and no therapeutic value, unless you are thirsty.

Wow, as usual, I learned so much. Thank you for having homeopaths on your show that were clear on what homeopathy actually is and practical ways to use it for myself and my family. I've been very interested in homeopathy and am excited to hear more successful remedies that it is used for, especially those ailments that traditional medicine doesn't have any answers for. I'll be ready for the next show.

Think about that for a minute... if traditional medicine does not have an answer, could it be because the answer is complex, the illness little understood? Do you really believe that medical science has not looked at these "cures" and found them useless. Save your hard earned money. Don't buy into this pseudoscience just because it's promoted by a handful of people with degrees. Do some research, and you'll find many feel that homeopathy is no better than placebo, if that.

Wonderful to see homeopathy presented here! Next shows might include using homeopathy for more chronic ailments where it also can offer benefit!

Yes, I agree with Dr. Khan, thanks to Dr. Oz for the courage to do this show on homeopathy!
If you have questions about homeopathy check this out! :)

You're the man Dr. Oz, thank you for coming out, glad to know that there are a few good men around after all... God bless you.

homeopathy is considered the first alternative healing after allopathy, by World Health Organisation (Davar’s College of Homeopathy, Mumbai, India And please note: “Allopathy” refers to all modern medical means other than homeopathy. Thus, this commenter is saying that orthodox medicine comes first in efficacy, followed by quackery!)

Amazing show. Thank You for your support for homeopathy. It heals at the deepest level by catalyzing the innate healing responses our body has. (Holistic Health Practitioner)

Thank you Doctor Oz for posting about homeopathy. It is a medicine that changed my life. I found out about it by accident, and I can say because of it, I am very healthy today. (posted by The Four Winds Society, a group of shamans preaching ancient Inca healing ideas)

Count on it, Dr. Oz will not be fazed in the least, and will continue to promote this nonsense from his TV pulpit… ... style.html
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Re: Tsk Tsk Dr. Oz A two part video

Postby NinjaPuppy » 19 Feb 2013, 00:02

If they could mix up a homeopathic remedy to rid my head from the pain of people like Dr. Oz, I'd take it. :lol:
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