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Near Death Experience 2011 (Alan McDougall)

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Near Death Experience 2011 (Alan McDougall)

Postby Alan McDougall » 02 May 2017, 19:06

Alan McDougall died numerous times due to total heart block/and came back August 2011

I woke up after an early evening nap to find to my horror that my heart was going wild in my chest with irregular palpitations that were life threatening

I began to sweat and go cold as ice and went in and out of consciousness on the very brink of total death from which a person never returns.

On the 18th August 2011 I died (Clinical death) numerous times, both at home and later on the resuscitation table due to third stage heart block.

In hospital on the resuscitation table I began what I thought was my final hour of life in this world.

I went through the whole drama of my heart stopping, flatlining over and over again with adrenaline, atropine being injected directly into my heart together with the use of shock paddles and chest depressions, used over and over again, in a desperate effort by the cardiologists to get my heart to beat again on its own.

If I had any doubts about life after death I have none now, each time my heart stopped my soul or consciousness left my body and went into other dimensions of existence.

However, I only remembered a little of what went on in those hours of between life and death on the resuscitation table, but later I have begun to remember more and more about the strange otherworldly realms I saw over that period on the resuscitation table and later at home in the form of vivid lucid dreams.

Each time my heat stopped my soul left my body and each time the doctors got my heart to beat again I came back to consciousness on the resuscitation table.

For more than three hours I hovered between life and death.

When my heart was not beating, I went through a doorway of some sort and saw outside, in a garden, numerous people all gathered around a large table which I assumed was to welcome me into the afterlife. It really seemed like a welcome home party, but as soon as the doctors got my heart to beat again I was drawn back into my physical body briefly, waking up again on the resuscitation table surrounded by medical people, who were doing their best to save my life by getting my heart to beat again on its own.

During one episode when my heart stopped beating again, my soul/spirit went somewhere and I arrived at a very large tree with a lots of books situated around it. Bending down in an attempt to read what was on the covers of the books I got the impression that they contained much of the mysterious knowledge and mysteries of the universe and other realms of existence.

There was this one very large interesting book of which I got the impression was a consolidation what was in all the smaller books. I tried to lift this big book and I found out that it was too heavy to carry (and I decided to return later for it when I finally leave this mortal life for good)

During the longest spells when my heart was not beating and was inactive, I went further into other heavenly realms beyond this earthly material one. There to my delight I saw a beautiful pulsating orb of golden light vaguely like a shining man, that I took for the Lord Jesus. He emanated perfect peace and love.

I had no tunnel or meeting with a being of light I think because I was continually being resuscitated by the medical team

After a few hours the doctors manages to install a temporary heart pacemaker pacemaker to get it to beat at between 65/110 beats per/minute, instead of the 5 to zero it had been beating/not beating most of the time on the resuscitation table.

When my doctor came the next morning he said you were “really really dead”

The doctor explained to me that if I had arrived hospital even five minutes later it would have been impossible to revive me.

I am 76 years of age now and would not have minded if I had died then, but I suppose there must be some things left for me to do, because a whole lot of favorable coincidences made it possible for me to survive.

I had taken nap on that Thursday night and a dear friend of mine phoned late at night, a thing he had never does. I woke up with heart going crazy almost stopping, my wife immediately called the for the ambulance and they got to my home in seven minute flat and we arrived at the hospital which is less than a half kilometre from my home and I was there in five minutes I got attention immediately.

Note if my friend did not phone me at the exact moment he did, I would never have woken up and died in my sleep!

I now have a permanent pacemaker in my chest which should last ten years and despite the great shock I am feeling very alive and well

Note; the medical term for what happened to me is Complete AV heart block

Alan McDougall


Alan McDougall
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