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FAQ about Electronic Voice Phenomena

Discussions about Afterlife Research, Survival Science, Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Spirit Communication, Mediumship, Ghosts, Spirits, etc.

FAQ about Electronic Voice Phenomena

Postby Scepcop » 05 Aug 2009, 18:00

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Re: FAQ about Electronic Voice Phenomena

Postby SeanRMR » 08 Aug 2009, 07:45

I like this article. I wish some people on there would post there finding though when using stringent tests ... riment.htm

Here a great stringent test for evp then just there word. If anyone has the results of experiments like this one I'd love to see them. Though when this stuff is not in place we get heaps of you tube videos.

Come on people bring the science back into this stuff to get more credibility.
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Re: FAQ about Electronic Voice Phenomena

Postby The Professor » 08 Aug 2009, 12:05

Seamer ... I belong to a group that submits dozens of good EVP's every week.
It is Franks group .. you know ... The guy who invented the Franks Box! Well it's come a long way since then and the EVP's are exactly what I described in my Protocol for the MDC!!!!
People ask questions and the answers are recorded. Just like I proposed :)
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