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Psychic Sally Morgan Sues UK Daily Mail

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Psychic Sally Morgan Sues UK Daily Mail

Postby skysurfer » 27 Jan 2012, 00:50

Some folks on here may remember the recent rumpus wgich made all the papers and TV after it was claimed audience members at a Sally Morgan psychic show, heard what they claimed were 'directions' being given to the medium presumed to connect with her via an earpiece.
Now it seems we might finally hear a full explanation from Morgan herself - via the forthcoming court case. ... =48632&c=1

TV psychic Sally Morgan sues Daily Mail for defamation
26 January 2012

By Sarah Limbrick

TV psychic Sally Morgan is demanding damages of £150,000 from Associated Newspapers over a Daily Mail story accusing her of scamming a vulnerable audience.

The article, published on 22 September, was headlined: “What a load of crystal balls!”

It alleged Morgan pretended to have psychic powers when she was in fact simply repeating instructions from members of her team via a microphone and hidden earpiece, according to a writ lodge at the High Court.

Morgan, who was Princess Diana’s former psychic, claims the story caused substantial damage to her reputation, as well as hurt, distress and embarrassment.

The story was widely reported in the national press at the time but Associated Newspapers is the only publisher named on the writ. The story in question was an opinion piece by the magician and former psychic Paul Zenon.

The Daily Mail published another article on the same day – headlined “Only the lonely believe in ghoulish psychics” – which repeated the substance of the allegations, according to a High Court writ.

Morgan, who is also suing over an online version of the story, claims the paper has failed to provide a full and unequivocal apology or admit the article was defamatory.

She is asking for an injunction banning repetition of the allegations about her.

She is also seeking aggravated damages, citing the serious and offensive nature of the allegations which effectively accused her of perpetrating a deliberate fraud on the public, which struck at the heart of her professional and personal reputation, integrity and honesty - the writ states.

In her High Court writ Morgan describes herself as a professional psychic and claims to have privately helped numerous people overcome traumatic or emotional situations.

Morgan is represented by Graham Atkins of Atkins Thomson.

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Re: Psychic Sally Morgan Sues UK Daily Mail

Postby plodsie » 27 Jan 2012, 20:43

For them to say that she used an earpiece and received messages through that earpiece they must have proof of such before stating it as fact (or opinion), if they haven't then they are surely printing liable.

It's kinda strange now, because it means that the onus on them is to prove she is effectively a fake without her actually having to prove that she is not.

It'll be very interesting.
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Re: Psychic Sally Morgan Sues UK Daily Mail

Postby jambokaos » 28 Feb 2012, 01:38

I for one am very curious about the outcome of the Sally Morgan trial.

In my own mind I'm finding it more and more difficult to accept that there are genuine mediums out there when I hear of stories such as this one. Fair enough, the case has not been concluded yet but I can totally see it from the pseudoskeptical point of view. The fact that other well known mediums (Derek Acorah, Colin Fry, Slyvia Browne to name a few) have been unable to rebut their closest critics is a bit telling.

I think my own personal standpoint comes from the fact that I have not directly experienced mediums. I do however hope that there is something genuine in this area as this could bring a great service to humanity if used/regulated in the correct manner.
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