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A Couple Of Critiques On A Article A Sceptical Review Of The

Discuss PseudoSkeptics and their Fallacies. Share strategies for debating them.

A Couple Of Critiques On A Article A Sceptical Review Of The

Postby leo100 » 08 Aug 2009, 05:39

I was thinking perhaps, i should also come up with my own rebuttal to a skeptic from a magazine called Skeptic but decided not too based on the fact that two bloggers already have. I find their rebuttals very good, so i feel their is no need to add to that. One of the rebuttals is from Jime, who has a blog called "Subversive thinking" which covers some of the topics i write here. Another rebuttal, is from best selling author Michael Prescott he also writes on some of the topics i write about here. ... myers.html ... ts-in.html ... kings.html

Ok ok their one thing, i want to address something that did get under my skin and that is the skeptic mentioned that the cross correspondences etc, are all "GHOST STORIES". Why you ask? because anyone that has actually studied the evidence knows that these are not just ghost stories, making a false statement, such as that one is what Sebastian does to help and protect materialism. True their is a lot of anecdotes in psychical research however their has also been experiments done mediums. To water it all down to ghost stories makes a person wonder if he actually looked at the evidence. I should point out i am really surprised because this is a familiar tactic the skeptic, uses to make a person not familiar with the evidence for survival think that their is nothing there but anecdotes.
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