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PROOF that man made melt down is FALSE

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PROOF that man made melt down is FALSE

Postby highflyertoo » 02 Feb 2010, 11:17

Man made global warming is a hoax......... ... 991177.ece

Big difference between the figures 2035 and 2350 ....... What kind of show are the Alarmists running here? ... -a-teapot/

Al Gore said that the Carbon Dioxide raises warming, When in fact according to the Russian Ice Core Sample which Scientifically Confirms it's the Warming that increases Carbon Dioxide..... Completely the reverse..

Climategate: One Must Ignore 200 Years of Observations to Believe in AGW
Pajamas Media ^ | Dec. 12 | David J. Bellamy

Posted on Sunday, 13 December 2009 2:22:45 AM by AJKauf

There is no evidence of carbon dioxide being a poison, or that it is capable of causing a warming Armageddon. What follows is a summary of the proof — straight from real science, peer-reviewed over the past 232 years by legions of physicists, thanks to Newton’s Principia.

Remember the famous picture of Miss Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blown high? Even at the age of 76, when I see this picture my temperature goes up — followed by the amount of carbon dioxide I exhale. Never the other way ’round. Now, thanks to the study of a series of ice cores, this appears to be an inconvenient truth for the global warming industry.

Al Gore used this ice core data to claim that carbon dioxide made the temperature of the world rise, threatening life on earth, because there was a correlation between atmospheric CO2 levels and the world’s average temperature. Yet the data from the much-celebrated Vostok ice cores paints a very different picture: Up goes the temperature, followed by a rise in carbon dioxide.

Effectively flattening Gore’s dreams of hedging his funds.

More troubles lie ahead for the warmists. Independent researchers have pointed out that crucially important pieces of the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) ev...

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

In this report the IPCC MAJOR BLUNDER saying the Himalayan Glaciers will reduce in size from 500,000 sq kms to 100,000 sq kms , when there's only 33,000 sq kms of Himalayan Glaciers ... &aid=17155
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