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Seasons Greatings!

Discuss Other Topics not related to the Paranormal or Conspiracies (within reason of course).

Seasons Greatings!

Postby The Warrigal » 24 Dec 2009, 23:00


Even if you don't believe, it's usually a nice time to catch up with family and spend time with the people you love.

I don't believe, but I still like Xmas!

Have fun, one and all.

My best wishes to you all and to all who matter to you.

As us Aussies would say:

The Warrigal
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Re: Seasons Greatings!

Postby NinjaPuppy » 25 Dec 2009, 02:22

Right back at'cha Warrigal. :D

Here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010 as well. I'll be doing a bit of traveling for the next two weeks but wi-fi is just about everywhere.

Maybe this is a good time to ask how our ecclectic, mostly non-traditional members, spends their time during these holidays?

Normally for me, I go through the rigors of what is deemed traditional by putting up the darned tree, complete with the blasted assortment of tangled and finicky lights that never seem to all work after they have been placed on the darned tree. I dig out the assorted holiday music CDs that for some reason are never in the right cases so it takes forever to find the 'good' ones. I bake an assortment of sugar cookies that never get frosted as they're usually eaten before I get around to it. Then I hang the stockings on the fireplace that never gets used because it's usually too hot around these parts but it looks good anyway to my husband who is a Christmas freak.

Since today is Christmas Eve Day, it's quiet around here and I don't have to cook anything for us tomorrow because we will be spending the bulk of the day with about 200 children and their parents who will be getting a hot meal and whatever they need. These are families that don't have much and who for some reason have slipped through the cracks of the welfare system without jobs, money, food, housing, etc. Some have lost or sold everything to pay for medical bills for a terminal or handicapped child with no way to cover the costs.

Then we are off to a local group home with our ham and side dishes, for a pot luck dinner with all the trimmings for families who can't afford all the trimmings. Or maybe can't afford the turkey or ham or who are living in local shelters or without electricity to cook or a way to cook. Then those leftovers will feed countless homeless people here as well. Many won't come to the building so someone will bring the food later that night to their camp, down at the docks.

Any money that we would spend in ugly sweaters, bad cologne or other holiday items winds up donated in one form or another. Instead of the two of us eating a holiday spread that can feed a large family for days, we truck it over to the group home with everyone else that can contribute and we all enjoy the meal with as many as the building can fit at one time. The food doesn't stop coming in the door until around 10PM. The building is open all night.

Now if I can just get my husband to agree to donate the darned tree and blasted lights, the holiday would be so simple. :lol:
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