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Skeptical mind-frame conducive to illness, says univ study

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Skeptical mind-frame conducive to illness, says univ study

Postby Scepcop » 11 Sep 2009, 14:38 ... icrun.html

Sceptics on the Run
By T Stokes

Michigan University has released studies that show a skeptical mind-frame Is conducive to illness, both cardiovascular and depressive in nature. British studies in the seventies, pinpointed links with skepticism and atheism. British actors constantly use sceptics as figures of fun, the dry character Victor Meldrew, with his catchphrase " well I don't believe it " was a hugely successful composite of many British comedians.

A certain wierdy-beardy conjuror and sceptical flag waver, takes this scepticism a step further into medical and similar fields, but the basis is to undermine the paranormal base to Christianity and other world religions as stated in literature, and subsidised by the Rockefeller foundation and other N.W.O groups.

Recent advances in the paranormal field, particularly in the technical advancement areas, give exciting new proof to aspects in the supernormal arenas. This has meant many sceptics, have had their minds changed on many issues.

* .Ghost hunters now employ a range of high tech kit, such as motion sensor s, infra red night vision assisters, and computer enhanced photography, electrical field sensors, energy range finders and some M.O.D devices which
can snatch whole sentences from the past in the form of A.E.V.P ( Advanced Electronic Voice Phenomena ) leaving skeptics flummoxed.

* Studies from Argentinean academics, believed to be working for the defence industries, have consistently confirmed and utilized data from psychics, in similar form to U.S. military studies, ( look up general Stubblebines psy warriors )

Reports from Israel and China, show positive reports of psychic training, and here in Britain I witnessed University tests recently which gave the best results I had seen in a long time, but am prohibited under the official secrets act from saying more, but results overall, are generally very good.

Dennis Bardens who founded the Panorama programme, made a life time study of paranormal ability, and had access to several of Britain's Winston Churchill's occult advisors in W.W.II. and he was aware of why Churchill was brought in from the back benches to declare a war on his own, with distorted propaganda, in a similar fashion to Tony Blair in Iraq.

Dennis Bardens and the late expert David Tyndall, saw and documented some amazing demonstrations of paranormal ability, first documented under the guidance of Archbishop Lang, the church of England's occult expert, and one of the advisors to Churchill's "Black Team" of paranormal warriors, for the wartime government to put money into this, proof would have to be there.

* Synaesthesia has at last been proved, the ability some people have to associate Numbers with colours and sound, exactly as those who claimed to see the human aura Have always said, advances in development materials have meant that Dr. Walter Kilmer's ideas have been updated and allied to those of Nicola Tesla to show the human electrical field in full colour in surprising new ways, health screening is one way originally envisaged by both Kilner and
Kirlian, and may soon be a reality.

Educational news sheets are available to all and remember Victor Zammit has offered £ 1000,000 to anyone who can disprove paranormal abilities, sceptics are said to be; "confused and hostile "

* Such disciplines as, Hypnosis, osteopathy, homeopathy, massage remote viewing and various counseling techniques have been increasingly accepted against the advice of sceptics into the mainstream.

* Recent document releases from both Mexican and South American official bodies and Russian archives, have forced U.S and Britain under the freedom of information act, to release selected items confirming that whatever U. F .Os are, they really do exist, thus upsetting many sceptics.

* Over the years I have invited a knowledgeable speaker to appear at my lectures, To give the sceptical viewpoint, which is often very valid, the best contribution from sceptics must be in the area of exposing fake telephone psychic sites, the problem is they do not have the knowledge between fake and genuine, and dismiss it all, the Bible and all scripture is paranormally based, and to dismiss it exposes them as " Jesus deniers" and it was Carl Jung who recognized that this is the diseased atheism of pure Stalinism, I have no problem with atheists or communists, but let's not sail under false colours,

Jung described entrenched scepticism as a partial autistic outlook, and a recognised mental illness, now officially ranked alongside fear of flying and part of the Obsessive compulsive disorder range with fear of the unknown and labeled; "paranormaphobia"

Agreed, no one should believe without proof, and education is the way forward, but this year my lectures have been repeatedly broken up by hecklers and sceptics, and at the Red Lion hall, the police were called to a major disturbance, where the lady who seats people in the hall was punched in the face and my briefcase of top secret U F O photographs and séance phenomena was stolen in the fracas, Bedford House wrote to me and said the committee was taking serious advice to discontinue any talks on any alternative philosophy due to harassment, and both the friends meeting house and the Green man club will no longer host paranormal lectures due to bomb threats, and threats of disruption, mockery and violence from sceptics groups, Allegedly egged on by extremists from the U.S.A.

Emails purportedly coming from both me and other experts, have been sent to various relevant websites and publications, asking to take off site any written work by us. This past fortnight I have had around 20 emails instructing me that I will be silenced, And I have been called everything from a "Jew lover" a "paranormal liar " and the same language is used throughout, showing an organized group, I believe these insults relate to the fact I have many years of work for charities, and have appeared and worked for free at Muslim, Hindu Christian and Jewish fundraising events.

But I am not alone, among those threatened are those interested in the paranormal and particularly Spiritualism and alternative therapies, threats to the Psychic Voice newspaper culminated in a severe arson attack at their records office, top paranormal websites such as The Supernatural World, Arcanamatrix, Farshores, The Truthseeker, Spirit Search . Paranormal Palace, World of the Strange and Illuminati News among others, have constantly been targeted with computer viruses and threats. Several high profile mediums of my acquaintance, have received nasty emails
calling them "fakes" "nut cases" and "dog buggerers".

While I am myself a partial sceptic, because no one should believe without proof, we are seeing a new phenomenon, as sceptics are losing the battle with discussion and argument as new ground is covered proving more and more
aspects of the paranormal, so sceptics are using underhand tactics against our human rights, including a mass campaign of threats and calling for the policing of the internet with regard to alternative therapies and the
paranormal, and its ultimate removal.

Further reading;
F.D.A released papers
Psuedoscepticism web site
Dr D Walker; Scepticism as an illness
New Dawn magazine; health section
Prof. Brian Josephson see works of.
British Medical Journal. Scepticism
T Stokes; Scepticism Marxism and Atheism
Wiliam J Beatty Skepticism
Psychological ramifications of skepticism
Nexus Mag. Rockefella family
“Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
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Re: Skeptical mind-frame conducive to illness, says univ study

Postby The Warrigal » 11 Sep 2009, 15:02

There is rather a lot about General Stubblebine, aka "General Spoonender on the net.

I suggest that both sceptics and non-sceptics check it out.

For those who enjoy a funny read, get hold of copy a of the book The Men Who Stare At Goats.

Regarding the idea that sceptism is unhealthy, I respectfully beg to differ.

I think that the author is confusing healthy sceptism with bitter cynicism.
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Re: Skeptical mind-frame conducive to illness, says univ study

Postby soldiergirl » 11 Sep 2009, 15:36

Well i would debate this with you but it is friday night so my skeptical depressed self is gonna go hit a bunch of clubs in the ville with all my depressed and mentally ill friends cause we have lots of soju waiting for us :D The big question for me tonight is should i wear my Baby Phat jeans with a Baby Phat shirt, my white Dereon hoodie or a Dereon shirt with my Dereon jeans, one of my many Ed Hardy jeans and shirts, My new Ed Hardy hoodie, my Apple Bottom jeans with an Apple Bottom shirt. Then which SPAM BLOCK purse should I use or should I use my Baby Phat purse or 1 of my Ed hardy purses. Maybe I should just go buy a new outfit while in the ville. Gotta love Korea shopping. Maybe I will just buy a new outfit in the ville. Gotta love it when $170 name brand jeans only cost $25:D
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