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Visiting this site gave me cancer.

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Visiting this site gave me cancer.

Postby tenthaccnt » 22 Nov 2016, 14:28

These are some influential beliefs you guys have got here. Be a shame if someone were to... label them as the product of a furious orgy between psychobabble, wishful thinking, pseudoscience, and a general unwillingness to accept what actual evidence about the nature of reality suggests. It's funny how y'all think you aren't pseudo-skeptics. I know there's nothing I can do to change your mind, I'm just here for the banter. Imagine valuing words that came out of the mouth of the founder of this 'committee'. Some of you want so badly to believe in some type of 'other side' or a universal consciousness. If you don't understand something like why humans exist or the origin of life on Earth, or any incident which you commonly falsely believe provide evidence towards the validity of PK, astrology, ESP, etc., then does it mean, if you don’t understand something, and the community of physicists don’t understand it (I'm not saying no one understands these things, because they do), that means the intangible is responsible? Is that how you want to play this game? Because if it is, I can show you a stupidly long list of things in the past that the physicists or blank anyone at the time didn’t understand (that we now do understand). If that’s how you want to invoke your evidence for the intangible, then it is really just an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance that’s getting smaller and smaller and smaller as time moves on - so just be ready for that to happen, if that’s how you want to come at the problem. The thing here is that there are no obvious evidences that point to any of the woo-woo outside of your own personal biases. As an example, there are people called creationists who think that just because spacetime had a beginning that automatically infers a ‘creator’, and claim there's so much pointing to a creator when all that stuff is really just lazy science. I really thought I wasn't going to stumble across a more ignorant, scientifically-illiterate group of people ever. But, alas, here I am. All of this shit is pseudoscience but from what I've read its pointless trying to point that out to y'all. Right now in the US so many people actually think astrology is in any way real, when really they're just wasting their lives believing in nonsense. And if anyone here wants to dare question it and label it as woo-woo then you’re gonna risk not having any friends, because really you are no different from the fundamentalist religious nutjobs, both of you get irreparably butthurt if anyone dares label your psychobabble as, well, psychobabble, pseudoscience, retarded...

"Conspiracy theories: They're just fairy tales adults tell each other on YouTube (or"

I've read all about the hatred you subhumans have for materialism, however none of the issues you try to tackle have anything to do with materialism. You're profoundly wrong if you believe that anybody acts outside of their own self-interest. Values and morals are falsely invented anyways, that probably disappoints you, but get over it. Any if you're referring to the flawed 'tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values' definition of materialism then that was your first mistake. What it really is, is the position matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all phenomena, including mental phenomena and consciousness, are results of material interactions. That all that exists is ultimately physical. Objects with proper parts do not exist, and only basic building blocks without parts exist. I know that makes you uncomfortable as hell but that doesn't negate the truth value of any notion. You think I'm 'crazy' for believing those things. Being considered 'crazy' by those who are still victims of cultural conditioning is a compliment.

If you want to claim that these phenomena and spiritual realm are beyond human reasoning, that is of course paradoxical because you cannot base human reasoning on something that is beyond human reasoning. What’s really going on here, is that your spiritual beliefs are inherently irrational, and today people are expected to act rationally and believe in some kind of spirituality or other-worldly quackery at the same time, and this leads to desperate attempts to rationalize those irrational beliefs, amusing at first but rather sad if repeated ad nauseam. If you honestly feel like all this bullshit gives your life meaning, then, hey, who am I to stop you from believing in it. I don’t care about what y’all believe, provided it doesn’t hurt another person. However, when these beliefs are demonstrably false, and you want to pass them off as true in a science classroom, I have a problem with that. If you want to say it in the religions classroom, fine. The spirituality class? Fine. In the belief systems class? Fine. In the history of human thought class? Fine. The problematic consequence of this however, is the struggle that entails which is of dealing with the separation of ignorant scientifically-illiterate people from being schoolteachers. But really we humans, we defined an arbitrary concept of the supernatural. We created these epic stories with heroic narratives but they make absolutely no sense when looked at from the broader picture. How can the descriptions of us insignificant humans be generalised to such a humongous Universe? How can we assume that we have the intellect to define a higher force, and have to gall to say that is the only right way? Are we really so full of ourselves to think that we are the only ones in the entire Universe? Again we are at a dead end, just because there’s a difference between what we want to believe, you feel the world isn’t by accident, that we aren’t so small and insignificant. I feel like you guys just really want to be spiritual because it makes you happy, but consider this claim of mine - the truth is more important than our happiness. There's no ‘other side’, there's no ‘supernatural’. There's nothing beyond this, so in my opinion, a man should stop wasting their time believing in lazy ideologies that promise them otherwise and start doing what it is they want to accomplish in their life with the short amount of sentient consciousness that they have left. Sentience is an illusory fever dream, simply the result of chemicals being arranged in a certain way, neurochemical firings and what not, an entirely physical ordeal. Most of those who have been clinically dead for more than a day will talk about how they experienced what can only be ‘described’ as nothing, and then you have all the people who experience what they were told they would experience when they die. The whole idea of people all throughout the last 10,000 years believing there exists the supernatural is a genetic meme. Religion and beliefs in the supernatural (a lazy concept) evolved out of the development of language, tool use, increased hominid brain size, along with the evolution that took place in the neocortex, and group living, not some ‘divine interaction’ or ‘supernatural contact’. It's just part of the very lazy ideologies that a lot of people need to confine to in order feel like their lives have any objective meaning. There is no objective meaning, however. And before you attempt to ridicule in anyway or attack/label me as being limited in knowledge as you are famous for doing instead of trying to refute anything, don't waste your time, because of course we are all limited in knowledge. For all that matters, no one can't even know for sure that the world is not a perceptual illusion, or that you're not hallucinating, or that you’re not part of a vast computer simulation in which you are an experiment. Even saying a blue car is blue and assuming we can know that is ignoring the fact that the car is only blue because we permit it to be. So then assuming all this retarded pseudo-scientific bullshit like PK, ESP, astrology, trepanning, bloodletting, homeopathy, creation science, numerology, quantum mysticism, acupuncture and the stories that come out of NDE's and the like exists or is real in any way and is outside of our 'normal senses' or can't be 'seen' like this is a classic argument which proves too much. This ‘argument’ essentially renders all efforts to apply principles of evidence and proof inapplicable to this area. Any effort at disproof can be met by the same assertion. At that point, you have by definition rendered your afterlife or whatever it is you desperately want to be real incapable of disproof. And at that point, we are no longer having a conversation, you are just making an assertion and using semantic tricks to avoid challenges. I’d rather drink microbrews and talk about quasars. The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.There are a myriad of things about the world or the Universe or existence that we don’t yet understand. But don't blank go and make the claim that something will never be known. So many times in the last two thousand years have people said there are things we will never understand, for example just a hundred years ago Auguste Compte, a philosopher, said we will never know the chemical composition of stars, which is now profoundly wrong. A lot of you and all people want to believe we are in someway eternal, designed or not, and I don't want to just use arguments from authority - but it's not very much contested any more, that we are not designed as creatures, but that we evolved by a rather laborious combination of random mutation and natural selection into the species that we are today. It is, of course, open to the faithful to say that all this was - now that they come to know it, now that it becomes available to everybody, now that they think about it, and now that they've stopped opposing it or trying to ban it—then they can say, ah, actually, on second thought, the evolution was all part of the design or from a higher force or borne out of a universal life force. Well, as you will recognize, there are some arguments one can't be expected to refute or rebut because there's no way around that argument. I mean, if everything, including evolution, which isn't a design, is nonetheless part of a divine or higher design than all the advantage goes to the person who's willing to believe that. That cannot be disproved but it does seem to be a very poor, very weak argument because the test of a good argument is that it is falsifiable not that it's unfalsifiable. So this I would therefore - this tactic, or this style of argument, I would rebaptize as retrospective evidentialism. As far as we've come in 2016, death cannot yet be overcome, if you want to overcome it, try and figure out how consciousness can survive biological termination, because as of right now, there's no geniune evidence outside of your own personal biases, and the fact that this is true is in itself evidence that consciousness doesn't survive death. This is all there is for you, perhaps sad if you look at it a certain way, or liberating and emboldening if you look at it another.

I eagerly await to witness your butthurtedness manifest itself in the form of words on one of the most cancerous sites of 'knowledge' ever known to our species.

Every single topic on this forum is just wishful thinking. You are all the exact opposite of open-minded. You're all the epitome of what those informed of vulgarity would describe as 'cunts'.

None of you are scientific experts. None of you are scientifically-informed investigators. None of you are special. None of you are 'awake'. None of you are enlightened. None of you are part of the 'special few'. You just have internet access.
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