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The Word "Woo"

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The Word "Woo"

Postby The Necromancer » 11 Nov 2015, 14:37

Okay, I'm getting a bit annoyed with the overuse of this term by the pseudos.

Instead of saying; 'the paranormal has yet to be proven to exist' or any word(s) to that effect, or even 'It's a load of bullshit/crap" or even having an opinion of their own at all, they resort to using the word 'woo'.

This shows an immediate bias against anything paranormal, and of course any argument they present is going to be influenced by such bias.

I'm also a skeptic, but one who will examine all the evidence before making an informed decision...and if I decide there isn't enough 'scientific evidence' to confirm my hypothesis, beyond 'no scientific evidence can be obtained about something non-existent' (that's like trying to put the cart before the horse) then all I can say is 'it hasn't been proven to exist, but that does not rule out every possibility that it just might' matter how irrational I am in my rationality.

All I can see here, is a 'bandwagoning effect' using derogatory terms and phrases to try and debunk theories, opinions and calling them all 'woo'.

Every time I see a pseudo say it, without presenting any logical argument to back up why they think a spiritual experience is basically 'untrue' (a much better term), I feel like punching them in the nose....and I am not a violent person.

Whenever I see this word, I cringe...not because I don't think they have the right to say it, but can't they think of anything better to say without just parroting this stupid word, that others, like themselves use to increase their standing in the 'pseudo world' through the use of mocking rhetoric?

Thank you.
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The Necromancer
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Re: The Word "Woo"

Postby NinjaPuppy » 25 Nov 2015, 02:26

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