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Letter to the moderator

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Letter to the moderator

Postby Inventor » 08 May 2013, 08:13

I have spent considerable time reading posts and articles on this site, comments and forum topics and I do not understand all the reasons to publish something which totally contradicts with purpose of the site. Unless I am completely blind and cannot see that purpose. I'll try to ask myself a question and answer it the way I think is the most appropriate. Here it is:

1. If a person doesn't believe in paranormal, totally rejects the concept of paranormal, then what is the point to discuss those varieties of speculation and misinformation all promoters of the paranormal impose over a mankind? Answer: those people are skeptics and they do not have a solid background or a knowledge to explain themselves.

2. If some of the words in English (or any other) language are merely concepts and the do not have their real of physical entity, then why people who clearly understand that still trying to prove themselves using those words? Answer: they are not sure what might be the difference between words and the reality those words based upon. Here is an example: words 'abstract thinking" do not have their place, you can't navigate to them or even duplicate them in any way because they' do not exist other that in our mind. By the way, word 'mind' is just a word and nothing else than a word. We can try to explain what it might be by using other words without any physical entity. Just for those who haven't decided to what physical reality is all about: words like mind, soul, spirit, consciousness, subconsciousness, thoughts, emotions, inventiveness, creativity, etc. are only words. THEY DO NOT EXIST. There is no place for them in our brain, no communication to and from and many more. They are only CONCEPTS. It is like the meaning of superior creator - nothing but concepts.

3. If a person knows or he or she is based their knowledge on proven facts that there is no intelligent presence has yet been detected out of space, then why we need to spend time providing skepticism towards debunking opinion of others who didn't spend time investigating this topic? Answer: deeper in their soul (which doesn't exist as you might agree) they still have some doubts. And for this reason they are still skeptical.

4. If someone says that there are two main concepts (please pay attention to the word 'concept'), namely "knowledge" and the 'absence of knowledge' then what do we have in a between them? Answer: for 99,999% of Earth population there is something in between those two concepts - believes! It means that every time when we don't know something we are trying to replace it with some form of believes. It could be superstitions, religion, paranormal, life after death, acupuncture, alternative medicine, chiropractics, religious healing, 'creation' of universe, 'creation' of life, and hundreds and hundreds of other primitive and sometime dangerous concepts invented by people for their own monetary benefits.
5. Why this site uses an expression like 'Scientific Skeptic"? Answer: if there is a scientific evidence, proven facts, physical or any other principles, effects and phenomena already known to engineering and scientific community, then this knowledge is not considered to be carrying a notions 'Skeptical'. It is not! The knowledge cannot be skeptical. Skeptical knowledge, if there is one, becomes the absence of a knowledge and it should not be called skeptical. As you can see, the phrase Scientific Skeptics becomes, in fact, a nonsense! It's like saying 'skeptical criticism', which means that criticism has been criticised. It is also a nonsense.

In general, unless a team who is running this site are skeptical themselves, then this site is nothing more than a place for people who are lacking basic education and a sense of reality, who will spend their time and a time of others to read and write about something, which has no value and doesn't even exist on this planet. It reminds me people who spend time to discuss topics like Kabbalah, Christianity, Koran, transcendental meditation, energy meridians, alternative medicine, and hundreds of other popular subjects and forgetting one simple social phenomenon - you can discuss anything forever if it doesn't exist or if it exists only in our imagination. Psychology, by the way, is one of them.

About myself:
I am a professional inventor (the one who invents things on order). I am also an electrical engineer with PhD in cybernetics and masters degree in other disciplines, like robotics, automation, energy quality, bio-engineering, etc. My paranormal research goes back into 60th when I was a teenager and then a student of a Polytechnic Academy. By the beginning of 70th I have proven hundreds of false claims made by paranormal supporters. I was a witness of the paranormal research going strong and funded by different government agencies, from military to private. My scientific background and close familiarity with over 5,000 different physical, chemical, electrical, nuclear and other concepts, effects and phenomena allows me to pinpoint to the essence of the problem and see its roots and solutions.
Until next time.

Emil Sagal

P.S. If anyone who want to get an explanation to any paranormal claim please write to the Inventor on this forum.
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Re: Letter to the moderator

Postby NinjaPuppy » 10 May 2013, 09:07

Hi Inventor and welcome! I am the Moderator but I am not the owner or creator of this board so I can't answer that question.
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