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Just had to are too out there yourself!

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Just had to are too out there yourself!

Postby Kiandra » 11 Jun 2012, 21:42

I had to chime in here to just to leave a comment. It's unfortunate that I couldn't leave my opinon at the foot of the article's page.
Article titled: Debunking the Law of Attraction and "Thoughts Create Reality" Religion

I will agree some people take their beliefs a little too far. However, your own questions are at the extreme end also! They make no sense!
If you are going to debunk anything, you should at least make yourself sound normal instead of joining those to the extreme end of things.

For example one of your many "stupid" questions:

Every time I ask a New Ager who believes in this teaching the following question,
"If thoughts create reality, then why can't we fly just by thinking about it, or walk through solid walls, or move mountains?"

We don't need to "think" about flying. We already do! It's called taking a plane. You see, our bodies are physically incapable of flight on their own. However, somebody out there in our wonderful human past was convinced that we could. He found a way and made us fly.
Mountains certainly can't move per se. We can certainly blast through some of them if need be. We already walk through solid walls. It's called a doorway.

The point I am making to you is......I live my life thinking positively. Where there's a will there's a way. I work in an environment where I need to troubleshoot things to make them work. If I can't figure out the problem and fix it, then I believe there is a person out there that has the answer that will give me the outcome I so desire.

If you want to sound like a professional, start thinking like one and actually putting things into perspective that actually make sense!
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Re: Just had to are too out there yourself!

Postby Craig Browning » 12 Jun 2012, 21:28

Kiandara, thank you for your post!

The first law of Hermetics is that the Mind is All; All is Mind. Nothing Exist Without the Mind. . . on the surface and when first reading it, it sounds like some kind of wannabe riddle; a poor attempt at creating the aura of something prophetic. This is actually deliberate in that those that don't recognize what it really says and means, will filter themselves out of the mix simply because they are not "Evolved Enough" on the Spiritual AND Analytical level to appreciate its mystery and truth. In fact, the Hermetic Axioms is one of the biggest reasons I tend to marry spiritual & paranormal ideologies with rationalism, seeing commonalities and harmonies between the two paths of thought and in essence, seeing why the ancients as well as certain contemporaries, emphasize balance between these two spheres of human consciousness -- bridging and harmonizing the Left & Right perspectives of the brain, so to speak.

Every single thought we have is an electrical impulse and as such "energy" a.k.a. matter expressed and as such it must perform according to the carnal laws of physics; not just Newtonian physics but all other aspects of physics including the Quantum realms we're just barely scratched the surface of in the past half-century or there abouts. But what the mind does. . . what thought does. . . isn't a magickle wish such as we see on shows like Bewitched or I Dream of Jeanie but magick in the sense of that famed Butterfly in the Amazon slowly flapping its wings and as a result, bringing about that metaphoric hurricane on the other side of the globe. Thought creates the dream -- the idea or fantasy of a thing. It will known many incarnations, the more tangible being in how the originator of a thought pens the idea to paper by way of Novel or Pictures (cartoons). It has been through such means that science itself gained impetus to move further ahead, developing actual Lasers, including Neutron type beams that will explode on impact; concentrated sound "beams" that can cripple an army or cause equipment to literally fall apart at the seams. We now carry what would seem to be a Communicator from Star Trek most anywhere we go. . . let alone a Tricorder (iphone/ipad) that can help us in emergency situations and applying proper First Aid, even gaining blood pressure and other stats that can be transmitted to a nearby hospital.

When I was in the 4th grade General Motors projected a car of the future (the year 2000) that would not require gasoline nor a driver. While the projection is off by a generation or two, we are on the threshold of having that exact advantage; cars that are either electrical or fuel-cell powered that can drive to most any programmed destination asked without a driver at the helm. Even public service "taxi" type Metro Cars that can take you from place to place vs. buses. . . all of this started off as an idea -- a thought which slowly evolved into physical reality. . . a big reason why I and many others KNOW Magick is real. ;)
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