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UM Ghost Segments

Share or recommend interesting films and videos about paranormal phenomena, awakening topics, skepticism, spirituality, metaphysics, science, conspiracies, etc.

Re: UM Ghost Segments

Postby ProfWag » 17 Dec 2009, 04:31

Contrary to what other people who visit this forum say they can do, I can't read minds. I only go by what is written. I know you did use another source or two (the book comes to mind), but that Unsolved Mysteries was important to you, your fact gathering, and your belief that there may be something to Dorothy's abilities. My point is, was, and will be, that I mentioned Penn & Teller and, as you can see if you read Scepcops comments back to me, I got blasted for even mentioning their names. His comments made me feel like a Yankee fan in a Boston pub. (Or a United fan in Liverpool, or, well, you get the idea...) So, if it's okay for people to use Unsolved Mysteries as a basis for their investigation, then I see no problem with me using Penn & Teller's BullSh*t for mine. Agree or disagree?
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