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Feelings of someone getting in bed with you

Share your paranormal and psychic experiences here. Do you have any stories of how you came to realize that there were other dimensions or levels of reality? NO SKEPTICS ALLOWED!

Feelings of someone getting in bed with you

Postby Papapanda » 02 Jan 2017, 14:52

So first of all I'm an atheist. And at night many many times this is happened it's like I feel someone getting in bed with me and feel the bed to press around me sometimes I wake up and look for us is no one there and then never feels a threatening just feels like someone is there. Another time it actually felt like somebody walked over to me and put their hand on my ankle and I to rub it gently as if to say it's all OK again no one there. Last Night I had the feeling again somebody was sitting at the end of the bed I could feel the bed plus under my foot and I woke up and looked I didn't see anyone of course as normal and I rolled over and started to go back to sleep and I thought I heard somebody say something no words it's more like a whimper. Has anyone else had this experience?
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