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I just wanted to share my experience.

Share your paranormal and psychic experiences here. Do you have any stories of how you came to realize that there were other dimensions or levels of reality? NO SKEPTICS ALLOWED!

I just wanted to share my experience.

Postby michele29 » 25 Nov 2013, 02:10

I have long been searching for an appropriate website where I can write, in full, paranormal experiences I faced as a kid. Ive never really shared this online before but I feel I need to as its something I've somewhat kept as a secret all these years.

So, I came to London from Brazil at the age of 7 to live. It was a strange experience for me - everything from the buildings to the weather was new to me. I remember being fascinated by all the old buildings and wondering what life must have been like way back when it was new. My primary school was a large victorian building I always found intimidating and all the houses looked the same - something I found weird. After 6 months in the country, me and my parents moved to a small one bedroom apartment in North London. There were two apartment buildings both with 6 flats. I remember walking into the apartment for the first time and feeling like I was walking into someone else's house. It felt strange to me, like I was breaking in and like I somehow shouldnt be there. I put it down to it being a new place and unfamiliar to me - after all it was the first time in my life I had ever seen a fireplace.

Things didnt happen straight away. It was more like 3 months after moving in I, especially, still felt weird being in the house. I was never a "scaredy cat" as a kid. I just always felt scared when I was alone in a room, like someone was watching me. Sometimes, I'd be alone playing in my room and feel eyes digging into the back of my head. The pressure in the room was too much and I'd often just drop my toys and go sit with my parents. Of course being only 7 or 8, and never being exposed to the paranormal before (My parents were religious but always taught me that ghosts were not real) I didnt think much of it. Until it got worse.

My mother used to make me have a bath with the bathroom door open so she could keep an eye on me and make sure I was okay. From the bathroom I had a clear view of the living room and the sofa. I also could see part of the wall from the hallway. I was playing in the bath when I felt a cold wind sort of brush past me. Automatically I looked up in the direction that this entity went and there infront of me, on the wall was a clear shadow of a man wearing a hat. I wasnt startled at all I thought that maybe my dad was standing in the hallway. I looked in the living room, though, and saw both my parents sitting there. I remember my heart just sank to my stomach and when I looked back the shadow was gone. I never told my parents but I remember thinking it didnt seem right.

The next two years are a blur. When I was 10, my cousin from Brazil came over to study and live with us. He was 15 at the time and used to babysit me alot. My parents started to go out more often at night and leave him to look after me. We had to share a room and he slept on the bottom bunk. I remember trying to drift off to sleep when i kept hearing a noise. It sounded like someone was in the Spamalamadingdong. I was familiar with the sound of my mother cooking or washing up - the cupboards opening and closing, the cutlery being touched, the pots and pans being moved- and thats what it sounded like. My mum cooking in the Spamalamadingdong at 11pm although we hadnt heard anyone come in through the front door. After realising this i woke up my cousin who was half asleep and told him to listen closely. After hearing the noises he took a tenis racked from under the bed and proceeded to open the door, me behind him. As he flung open the door, the noises in the Spamalamadingdong stopped abruptly. After investigating the house we found nothing out of place. My parents came home shortly afterwards but werent at all phased by our story.

The noises in the Spamalamadingdong proceeded to carry on everyday, whenever I was home alone. I never went in there to look.

Now the experiences Im about to describe are not in order unless stated otherwise. These things would happen so frequently, Its hard to put it in a timeline.

I would often hear someone sitting on an office chair we had at home - it made a loud squeeky sound when sat on or when getting up. This would happen either when I was alone or with another person (ALWAYS another child like my younger cousin or friends from school.) When walking in to see what it was, the chair would be empty but spinning, as if someone had pushed it. This happened several times.

I would hear a man whispering in my ear at night. This would often wake me up and I would feel so scared I would stay frozen in bed until I fell asleep again.
A family friend woke up in the morning hysterical, saying her leg was burning. When checking her leg, there was a large bite mark on her leg. She said that she was dreaming of herself sitting on a boardwalk with her legs in the ocean, when something swam up and bit her. The pain was so bad, it awoke her. We were baffled as to where the fresh bitemark came from.

I had an old 3ft doll that sang mary had a little lamp when a button on her back was pressed. She had broken years ago and so my dad removed the batteries. I was in my room with 2 other girls playing with barbies when the doll started to sing mary had a little lamb, except it kept singing on a loop. Because she was already broken, the voice was deep and distorted and this creeped us out quite alot. It happened on three occasions. When the first time happened, we didnt know what to think we literally just stared at each other.. the second and third time did make us leave the house and play on the grounds instead. It just really freaked us out. One time, I was drifting off to sleep and my mum moved the doll from infront of the dresser to put some laundry away. I watched her as she placed the doll on a chair. After she left about 10 mins later, the doll started to sing. When I opened my eyes, she was standing by the dresser again. I screamed for my mum and my mum gave the doll away shortly after. The doll NEVER sang on its own with the new family.

Things went missing alot in the house and appeared in strange places. This one time I was on the couch with my dad reading a book and my dad was watching tv. He got up, put the remote infront of me on the couch and said "Dont change the channel im going to shower". I nodded and went back to reading. I was so into the book that when my dad came back and asked me for the remote, i put my book down and was shocked that it had disappeared from right infront of me. I told him I didnt touch it at all, I hadnt even moved. We looked on the floor and took all the sofa cushions off trying to find it. We moved the couch foward there was nothing behind it. My dad sugested flipping the couch over to look under it so my mum came over to help (she was in her room the whole time). When we flipped it we heard the remote falling on the floor. My dads face just went pale as he realised the remote was INSIDE the couch. There were no holes or rips on the sofa so we didnt understand how it got there. We had to rip open the lining of the couch underneath it to get the remote out.

My mum started finding small toy soldiers scattered around the house. The more she picked up, the more she found. I never owned toy soldiers. Sometimes, they would appear in places where we would easily see it i.e middle of the hallway. We didnt know where they came from at all.

On the way home one time, Both my parents and my dad's friend's family (who was driving infront of us) Witnessed both our curtains in our front room (these windows faced the road) open at the same time (impossible unless two ppl r doing it since theyre far apart) and the light turning on. Thinking we had an intruder, my dad took a baseball bat from the cupboard near the front door and searched the house. There was no sign of break in at all. and the house was empty. Except, of course, our curtains were open and our lights were switched on.

Sorry this is so long. I have other experiences outside the house which happened round the same time period. Thanks for reading. Any questions welcome.
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Re: I just wanted to share my experience.

Postby NinjaPuppy » 26 Nov 2013, 02:52

Welcome to the forum Michele29!

That's quite a career of experiences.
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