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Multiple Empath Expriences (Opinions needed!!!)

Share your paranormal and psychic experiences here. Do you have any stories of how you came to realize that there were other dimensions or levels of reality? NO SKEPTICS ALLOWED!

Multiple Empath Expriences (Opinions needed!!!)

Postby runner11 » 15 Oct 2012, 06:36

Okay, on the website Tumblr I am a part of a fandom (a group of fans for a certain person or group) and have been talking to a couple others who are also. Lets make up some names about who the fandom is about... lets say Jennifer and Ali. So first the 3 of us were feeling some anxiety that we couldn't explain. We felt nervous and upset. We all believe that this "Ali" is struggling with her sexuality, and we believe we were feeling the emotions coming from that. Well, her friend "Jennifer" was in a different state from her but is now back around her. We have all 3 started feeling sad, and we think these feelings are coming from "Jennifer". Then last night all 3 of us had a dream about Jennifer. Different dreams, but they all had to do with her. None of us have ever even met this 2 girls in person, only seen them on TV. We are all pretty confused as to why we are having the same emotions at the same time and even dreaming about them on the same nights. Also, the other 2 people I'm sharing experiences with I have never met in person.

Does anyone have any kind of explanation for this? Sorry if it's pretty vague.
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Re: Multiple Empath Expriences (Opinions needed!!!)

Postby NinjaPuppy » 15 Oct 2012, 18:39

Hi runner11 and welcome.

Sorry, but I don't have any explanation for what you describe. It could be an empath thing or it could just be coincidence. Perhaps if you can give us more information and details.
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Re: Multiple Empath Expriences (Opinions needed!!!)

Postby Craig Browning » 15 Oct 2012, 21:59

Hmmm. . . I doubt that it's empathy in that this is something that typically requires at least a short state of direct connection to one another; even an advanced Psychic/Empath would have difficulty sensing a person from great distance unless they had some form of tangible connection which frequently means a sensitivity skill known as Psychometry -- having an item or image of a person and being able to connect to them (this is how most Psychic Detective types work).

As to what it is. . . I have to go with projection i.e. you and the other two are projecting thoughts or emotions towards these two; it's more of what you perceive as you view them on screen and through the subconscious, try to assign intellectually based concepts & descriptions to them. This is very common, even with skilled Psychics who often fall into this habit when they're in a slump.

When you say that these people are on TV it leads me to believe they hold celebrity status, which places another layer to this scenario; the imprint of other fans, which you could be picking up on, on a telepathic level. This is especially true when you have one or two over-zealous fans have a high level of either psychic-based will or emotional investment around their personal thoughts, such as a lesbian (to use your example) with a crush on one of these stars which is being translated by you and the others as the personality's struggle with their own sexuality or, if the celeb is dealing with unwanted attention of this sort it can likewise come off as a sense of sexual identity confusion.

The Dreams, such as you describe them, are that unusual and easily explained -- you're all fixated on these personalities and you subconscious is giving you a sense of connection during your down time. Chances are highly doubtful that anything significant exist in these dreams unless the context & symbolism of each dream hosts parallel meaning and in essence, all 3 of you have had the same dream and more so when the dream happens more than a few time, identical to the first. . . again, very rare and even more so when multiple people are involved.

I've worked as a Psychic and Teacher of Metaphysics since the late 1970s but my approach to this work is a bit unique in that I'm also a skeptic. . . one that is very cautious in placing a "Paranormal" explanation to things that have a psychological and physical explanation to them, which would seem to fit in this case. Regardless, I hope this shines some light on the issue for you. ;)
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