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Top Christian Apologist tries to defend Biblical atrocities!

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Top Christian Apologist tries to defend Biblical atrocities!

Postby Scepcop » 25 Dec 2009, 11:07

Look how this top Christian Apologist, William Lane Craig, tries to defend Biblical atrocities in the Bible, including the killing of innocent women and children. It's ridiculous and an example of how dangerous the human mind can be brainwashed into.

What he fails to realize is that any nut can claim that he killed someone on the basis of God's orders. I wish I could ask Dr. Craig, "So what would you do if God commanded you to kill innocent people today? Would you obey?" That one always draws silence from them...
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Re: Top Christian Apologist tries to defend Biblical atrocities!

Postby Eteponge » 25 Dec 2009, 23:51

I like the Gnostic Christian approach from Early Christianity, that the God of the Old Testament was The Demiurge, a lesser deity with limited powers who was highly egotistical and bloodthirsty and declared himself the only God. He fashioned and shaped the universe together from pre-existent eternal chaotic matter, into the image of the original spiritual realms above, BUT, due to a deficiency in the act of modeling, and his limited powers, he could only create a 5th rate "Shadow" of reality. Therefore, a tree here in this reality for example, is merely a "Shadow" of what a true tree is in the higher realms, as also is the human being. That's why we bleed when we are cut, why we grow old, why we can die, and why everything else is flawed, and impermanent, and dies or falls apart eventually. The blame is placed not on the creation, but the creator, who is an impostor God. But, there is a God above this God, who resides in the Spiritual Realms, who is the absolute. That's who they seek to connect to. That our spirits are eternal, come from there, and are born here, in this limited condition, to learn and eventually find God again, but not the God of this World. To find the real spiritual reality beyond this mere "Shadow" of it.

That's the only religious system to me to adequately explain the problem of evil, and have a coherent system that seems more philosophical than the more childish religious ideas you find out there. Many Early Gnostic Teachers interpreted the entire Old Testament as allegory, as symbolic, as metaphor, even back then, and laughed at the idea of literal interpretation. Ahead of their time I'd say.
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