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Victims of pedophile priests and imams help create more vict

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Victims of pedophile priests and imams help create more vict

Postby Greatest I am » 26 Feb 2016, 04:47

Victims of pedophile priests and imams help create more victims with silence.

Note that the ultimate responsibility lies with the victims, but that their parents, as their guardians, are the ones I blame and not the child victims.

I recently watched this disturbing movie and recognize that what it portrays fairly closely what is happenings in reality right now.

The silence and complicity of the religious are facilitating and colluding in the future assaults on children. Silence or the acceptance of a payoff, in my opinion, is direct collusion with these religious criminals and I see the past victims of these pedophiles as now helping their own assailants create new victims by their silence.

I appreciate that going public is hard, but if victims do not come forward, I see them as helping the priests and imams that are left free to abuse other children.

There are some who will read this and know that, in a real sense, victims or their parents are guilty of helping the pedophile problem continue.

I would urge these victims and their families to step up and do the right thing and return the payoffs and lay charges instead so that we can rid our churches and mosques of these predatory criminals.

Do you agree that silence is just as immoral as the initial crime when victims or their guardian/parents accept payoffs from religions to buy their silence?

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