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Real Life Da Vinci Code

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Real Life Da Vinci Code

Postby IshnaWi » 20 Dec 2014, 15:59

For over two centuries now, many people have pondered and speculated over the unique geometrical design of the street layout of Washington DC and it’s meaning. It was in my own personal studies into the layout of Washington DC that I was able to discover and decipher a secret code hidden in it’s design that appears to make perfect sense of the city’s unusual geometry, and until now, has remained hidden from the general public.

What is even more interesting, is the fact that this code also incorporates the artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci, and when properly deciphered, perfectly echoes the claims of a holy bloodline that stems from the historical Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene, as stated in Dan Brown’s Novel, “The Da Vinci Code,” on a multitude of different levels.

It is a well known fact among conspiracy theorists that encoded into the geometry of the streets surrounding the United States Capitol Building is the Masonic symbol of the square and compass. These are, in fact, the keys to unlocking this code.

What is a much lesser known fact is that this very same compass can be used to scale Da Vinci’s drawing, “The Vitruvian Man,” in perfect harmony with the geometry of Washington DC by measuring the encompassed length of 12th Street, and using that measurement to scale one quarter, or one “cubit,” of the Vitruvian Man’s height.

Once we have the Vitruvian Man in his proper scale, we need only to place him on the map by placing the line above his head directly on top of P Street, which horizontally dissects Logan and DuPont Circles, and centering the drawing on 16th Street.

When this is done properly, an astonishing number of alignments occur.

For starters, virtually every single angled street in Washington DC now appears to make perfect sense, with many of the streets pointing directly to the major organs of the human anatomy.

The city’s circles and square that make up the infamous pentagram above the White House, now perfectly align with the construction lines of the Vitruvian Man’s shoulders and elbows.

The pentagram also places The Star of David directly between the eyes of the Vitruvian Man, in the form of Scott Circle, and The White House itself rests squarely on his sternum.

The Washington Ellipse appears to be the his stomach, and the Washington Monument?

Well, first, let’s just ask ourselves, “What would an obelisk be doing in the middle of Washington DC?”

“…and for that matter, what is an obelisk?”

An obelisk is an ancient Egyptian symbol that represents the phallis and it all stems from the ancient legend of Osirus and Isis.

Osirus was an Egyptian god who was murdered by his jealous brother, Set, and his body was dismembered into fourteen sections which were dispersed throughout the land. All except for his penis, which Set had thrown into the sea, and it was sub sequentially eaten by a fish. Osirus’ sister bride, Isis, was able to retrieve his dismembered body parts and resurrect him. All except for the penis, because it had been eaten by the fish, so she fashioned him a new phallis out of pure gold, with which, the two immaculately conceived the miracle god child, Horus.

This is the story in which the basic elements of Christianity are derived. Here, we find all the main components of Christianity, including the resurrection and immaculate conception.

The Washington Monument is literally the golden phallis of Osirus, shifted slightly to the east. This slight shift to the east could be for a number of reasons. Perhaps it could be to harmonize with the mysterious bulge that appears just above the Vitruvian Man’s left testical, or perhaps it was because of the claims that the original location proposed for The Washington Monument was on grounds that were later proven to be unstable.

It should be noted that, like Osirus, the Vitruvian Man’s body is divided into thirteen sections, plus the golden phallis of Washington DC, equals fourteen sections.

We’ll get back to Osirus and Isis in a bit, but for now, lets move on.

The Vitruvian Man was Da Vinci’s answer to an architectural riddle that posed the idea that man’s proportions could be perfectly described by using the mathematical enigma known as, “squaring the circle.”

Squaring the circle requires two drawing tools, the square and the compass, and again, they are the keys to unlocking this riddle, and we’ve only just begun, because we’ve still only explored two aspects of this three part harmony.

Like any good mystery, it’s now time for a plot twist.

Aside from the Vitruvian Man, squaring the circle can also be used to describe another example of perfect proportions, The Great Pyramid of Giza.

When we use squaring the circle to create the pyramid at the same volume as the Vitruvian Man and place the top the pyramid’s circle at the top of the Vitruvian Man’s head, again, we are confronted with an astonishing number of alignments.

First, the Great Pyramid points directly to the wounds suffered by Christ during the crucifixion on the Vitruvian Man.

The Pyramid’s apex points directly to The Crown of Thorns that was worn by Christ during the crucifixion.
The pyramid’s vent shafts point to the nail wounds, and the roof of the King’s Chamber points directly to the ribs that were penetrated by the fatal blow from the Roman spear. This corresponds with the Roosevelt Memorial Bridge in Washington DC.

Most interestingly, the Queen’s Chamber rests squarely on the Vitruvian Man’s penis, symbolizing the sacred union of man and woman, just as the golden phallis of Washington DC rests in the center of an oblong vesica Pisces, a geometric symbol of woman, or more specifically, the womb, or vagina, just as the entire Vitruvian Man himself, now seems to be residing within another larger vesica Pisces, as does a triangle, a geometric symbol for the phallis.

So here we have the symbol of the sacred sexual union between man and woman on a number of different levels, and a pyramid pointing to the wounds of Christ, indicating that the Vitruvian Man is in fact, a representation of the perfect man, and the three images combined even resemble Jesus on, and ascending from the cross.

This is even further solidified when you consider the stars that the Great Pyramid’s southern vent shafts point to Sirius, a star associated with Isis, and Alnitak, a star in Orion’s Belt that is associated with Osirus. Orion was believed to be the immortal heavenly embodiment of Osirus.

It should also be noted that Pennsylvania Avenue, the road that connects The White House and The United States Capital Building in Washington DC, is in direct alignment with the helical rising of Sirius during the winter solstice.

On the DC Map we can see that these two stars form the nail wounds on the Vitruvian Man’s right hand, and these wounds form duel bloodlines that unite into one and travel down river, escaping into the land of Egypt, via the bottomless pit of the subterranean chamber inside The Great Pyramid, and this corresponds with highway 66, and Ohio Drive in Washington DC.

And at the left hand, we find the Number of the Beast encoded into the landscape of DC.,

And watching it all from the missing capstone located just above the Great Pyramid and the Vitruvian Man’s head, is the all seeing Eye of Providence, or it’s older incarnation, the Eye of Horus. This is represented by The National Headquarters of Freemasonry, also known as the House of the Temple, which is located exactly thirteen blocks north of The White House in Washington DC.,

So, the next time you see the Masonic symbol of the square and compass, you will know why the Freemasons identify themselves with these instruments,

And the next time you look at a map of Washington DC, you will know that it is in fact, a treasure map to the most sought after treasure in all of history, the Sangreal, the Holy Grail.


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