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Billion + believe in Satan. Should all schools be mandated t

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Billion + believe in Satan. Should all schools be mandated t

Postby Greatest I am » 02 Dec 2014, 04:10

Billion + believe in Satan. Should all schools be mandated to teach Creationism?

We must save our children from foolish belief in the supernatural.

Education is the only tool that we have to drag ourselves and our children out of ignorance and superstition and that education should include that it is foolish to read myth literally. No more Dark Ages should be allowed.

Comparative Religion should be taught to insure that no child is lost to creationist intellectual dissonance. We must expose our children to Comparative Religion as soon as they can understand Evolution which would be taught alongside of it.

To do less would be shirking our duty to our children and their young minds. If you do not supports this type of all-inclusive education, please show why you oppose it?

Remember that when President Bush backed up stem cell research, it gave other countries a chance to advance away from the U.S. and hurt the U.S economy.

If the U.S. fails to educate it’s children properly in Comparative Religion and Evolution --- and the various sciences that stem from it, --- the U.S. will shrink it’s economy and power as compared to those countries who have a fuller and more intelligent education program.

Do you agree that it is the duty of the U.S. education system to maintain a first world standard of education in the teaching of Creationism, Comparative Religion and Evolution, --- and catch up to more intelligent countries?

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