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Does God have any moral responsibility to his children?

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Does God have any moral responsibility to his children?

Postby Greatest I am » 29 May 2013, 21:47

Does God have any moral responsibility to his children?

Human parents have a moral responsibility to protect and try to raise their children to be what we think of as good citizens. Our laws, to some extent, make parents morally and legally responsible for the actions of their children.

God, our heavenly parent, is said to create our natures. Natures can only be followed. They cannot be changed, which I think is why God is said to hate some of us even in the womb; even before we can either do good or evil. IOW, he intentionally creates those he knows will be evil. I know some will blame man’s sins on his free will and thus shift the burden of responsibility for our sins away from God but that urge to sin is controlled by the nature and inclinations that God himself puts in us. We do have free will but that does not explain why our will, will go to evil instead of good. That desire is part of the nature that God puts in us as the story of Esau shows. In a way, Esau had no choice.

If God were just one of many Gods in a God society, would that society demand that he take responsibility in the same way human society has decided that a human child’s parent must take responsibilities?

Yes we would.

The fact that God punishes or rewards us seems to indicate that he at least thinks that he has some moral responsibility; otherwise he could not morally retain the right to punish or reward. At present we have no clear picture of what heaven and hell are like. God does not provide full disclosure even though our soul is at stake. That is not justice.

Should God’s responsibility include full disclose of what our true reward and punishment is?

God did not seem to think so in Eden, where Adam and Eve knew of only the one punishment before the act of disobedience. They soon found that the one punishment became many. It was a complete surprise for them. To me, that was completely immoral of God. That is like God lying to Adam and Eve by omission.

Does God have a responsibility for the souls he creates?

And since he could insure that all come to a good end in heaven, is making sure we get there also part of his responsibility since he creates the natures we cannot help but follow?

Any good human parent with God-like powers would insure the best end for his child if he had the power of a God. I know you and I would as part of our inclination to love and protect our children.

If God does not, does that make man more responsible than God in terms of accepting responsibility for our children?

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