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Hello - So tired in this modern world

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Hello - So tired in this modern world

Postby tired3639 » 02 Jan 2016, 09:45

I have tagged myslef tired3639. I live in Australia and I am tired of being abused for being a non-conformist and seek friends who will challenge my mind and will never be offended by my mantra. "If I am wrong tell me why I am wrong" Challenge me. I have a massive amount of knowledge and I like to be tested on it.

I read what a true skeptic is. Without being egotistical, that is me to the letter. I do not wear this claim with arrogance, as it has brought me lonliness and hardship. The greatest gift in my mind; is our ability to reason and learn, and to question to our deaths. I believe educational certification is purely a license to learn. I preach this to my kids.

My daughter is doing a double law degree and told me I shouldn't do her course which interests me. To Qoute: " You would ask too many questions Dad. You would be hated by the majority of the students, tutors and lecturers. It's not about truth but geting the degree and earning money ! There are the odd students like you Dad but they are really hated. "

I know what someone else has taught me yesterday can be wrong tommorow, even if they are Professors.
Why tired. I always look at the argument from all sides. I change my views and beliefs as a natural course.

I find people in general find me threatening, and as such I live in a kind of isolation. As time goes by I am finding it harder and harder to find people who are willing to
debate an isuue in a calm way. I find others have difficulty in agreeing to disagree when an impasse occurs. I like to investigate impasses.

I have been told even when I have bibliographed a subject of passion that my evidence is believable but it is too frightening to comprehend.

Many years ago I did a pro-bono Philosophy course. A lot of discussion was a part of this course and as with Pholosophy you look at all parts of a problem.

My Professor contacted me one day by email and the opening line was " I am getting complaint after complaint about you from a lot of the other students"

I figured here we go I am getting expelled by being disruptive LOL

The end of the short message from the Professor was:

I am reading all you postings and please keep it up. I love what you are saying, and you are making them all think hence the anger. Your are challenging them. Stay with it even if the other students send you abusive emails.

I loved that philosophy course with a passion. It's how my mind works.

I do not have an ego I have been told. The above is nothing to boast about.

[b][/I live a lonely life because of how my mind thinks. For 30 years I seel only truth and what I believed 30 years ago has evolved and changed on a never ending basisb]
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