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Introduce yourself here!


Postby deadmanjay » 13 Aug 2009, 12:46

Hmm..I am not very good at this, so let me get down to saying that I have debated irl and on the internet several individuals regarding paranormal activities and other unknown phenomenon. I am not a fan of the So Open minded your feet never touch the ground type person, or doe eyed believer as some say. Nor am I a fan of the well, one was proven wrong so they must all be wrong type of person or uber skeptic as I say.

Neither of these types seem to accept anything that may contradict the all or nothing type of mentality. And a recent debate with an uber skeptic that I knew wouldn't accept evidence, but yet, still provided evidence on top of evidence of something that one of his heroes said left a bitter taste in my mouth. Also, a debate with a doe eyed believer left me grasping at the limits that some of these people have put upon themselves.

I try to have honest debates and if my evidence is just ignored, then I move on. No point in dealing with someone who won't even listen/read with any comprehension other than, "lalalala". Also, I don't always defend the side that people think I will defend, so there is that.

For why I am here. A friend told me about this place and said I should get on to check it out. He said I might find some of it interesting, and if nothing else, I might find some valuable information.
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Re: Introduction

Postby Scepcop » 13 Aug 2009, 13:22

Welcome deadmanjay.

Glad you found this place and thanks to your friend for referring it.

Feel free to share what you've learned with us.

“Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
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Re: Introduction

Postby The Warrigal » 13 Aug 2009, 15:09

Welcome mate! :)

Whatever your point of view don't feel shy about sharing it.

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Re: Introduction

Postby NinjaPuppy » 13 Aug 2009, 20:39

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