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New member - September 16, 2012

Introduce yourself here!

New member - September 16, 2012

Postby Boris Carloff » 17 Sep 2012, 04:53

I came across this site while Google searching info on James Randi. It is most excellent. A much needed counter punch to all the so - called "debunking" rhetoric.

Check out some of consumer advocate Jim Bolen's articles on Randi and several other of his compatriots. He found IRS 990 statements showing how several "skeptic" organizations linked to Randi recieve millions of dollars in revenue annually, and Randi himself recieves 190,000 dollars a year for his services. They have this conference every year called "TAM" or "The Amazing Meeting" where skeptics convene in one big circle jerk and compliment themselves on how smart they are. the last one was in Las Vegas I believe. They even use this conference to recruit newbies to the cause.

Why do so many of these guys turn out to be homosexuals by the way? Randi is now openly out of the closet. Could their hostility to any kind of religious doctrine have something to do with their homosexual condtion? Do they see religious belief as a rebuke to their gay lifestyle? I once encountered a fanatical lone gunman proponent on the IMDB forum for the movie JFK who literally spent his every waking moment trolling the forum. He went by the user name "NickSlickReturns" and bizarrely made numerous posts defending JFK assassination suspect David Ferrie of Jim Garrison investigation fame. Ferrie was a known homosexual who got in hot water several times due to his sexual attraction to teenage boys. Many on the forum took note of this guys passionate defense of Ferrie. Strange.
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Boris Carloff
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Re: New member - September 16, 2012

Postby NinjaPuppy » 17 Sep 2012, 04:58


Sorry, I don't think that there is any sort of a connection between sexual preference and skepticism.
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Re: New member - September 16, 2012

Postby DorothyM » 21 Sep 2012, 13:44

I am also a new member. Glad to meet you here. ;)
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