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An Introduction

Introduce yourself here!

An Introduction

Postby kalinda » 16 Jul 2012, 03:08

Hey all!
I'm Gabrielle

I have been looking around lately for something like this website. I am an open minded person, but I've had some odd experiences that border on the verge of paranormal. I would like to learn more about how to determine what they mean, or analyze them, and even disprove some. The only thing is, I notice "some" skeptics tend not to even consider paranormal/aka non mainstream experiences/beliefs, etc. So I want to be able to converse with intellectuals who are open to both sides. That is, what I think this forum is about. Well, other than that, I play violin love horseback riding and reading, I'm twenty-three years old.

Interests to explore:

learn more about Quantum Physics theories
synchronicity and how to explain it (for instance tarot cards)
hypnosis and what it does to the mind body connection (interesting OBE type experiences)
Precognition (dreams about objects and information not otherwise found/known)
Telepathy and the Unconscious (Is it really collective?)
Spiritual stuff like God-forms (man-made or universal etc.)

and more...

Thanks all I hope everyone's having a great day
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Re: An Introduction

Postby NinjaPuppy » 17 Jul 2012, 02:39

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