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Hello :)

Introduce yourself here!

Hello :)

Postby CloverThumper » 28 Feb 2012, 09:46

Hi there,

I am here hoping to share as much as I can learn.
I've been spiritual from my youth, constantly searching for answers to life's deeper mysteries...

My strong intuition coupled with many strange psychic anomalies proved my belief in paranormal abilities over time. Being highly energetic, as a child and in my adulthood, I question everything.
I've been known to be called an 'empath' or a, "psychic sponge".
I seek justice, truth, true beauty and 'high' mindedness, as well as, safety of the soul and spirit.

Thanks for listening,

CloverThumper :roll:
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Re: Hello :)

Postby Craig Browning » 28 Feb 2012, 23:10

But the big question is, are you in fact a rabbit?

With a name like Clover Thumper I just can't get the Disney images out of my mind. . .

But welcome, I like rabbit. . . especially in stews!
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Craig Browning
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Re: Hello :)

Postby NinjaPuppy » 02 Mar 2012, 03:48

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