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Hello, my name is Kristine

Introduce yourself here!

Hello, my name is Kristine

Postby Kristine » 14 Jul 2009, 11:11

Hi. I'm new here, and a friend of Winston's. I don't have much knowledge about the paranormal, but I do believe in a spiritual realm and also that much of the universe is beyond our perception. This winter, my family and I may have witnessed something paranormal. We saw 4 strange flashes of light in the sky, which appeared to be dancing with each other and seemed to be following us. Perhaps there is some explanation for what we saw that night, but we haven't been informed of what that would be at this point.

I think that i will like this forum and I hope that I will find it relaxing. I have a stressful life ... I'm a wife, mother of a toddler (he's soon to be 3), I am a family law paralegal and law student. Right now, I was selected to work on kind of a boring project to help our budget before the end of the fiscal year (I live in California, the sky is falling around here). If anyone has any good music to recommend for my i-pod, I'd appreciate it (to help control the dozing off while on this project). All in all, I love my job and I am very lucky to have it in this economy, but my plate is pretty full. It's an honor to be selected for an important project like the one I am on, but I do look forward to the end of it and the end results (that is what makes it worth while to take on such a project).

Sometimes, I get very tired of discussing the de evolution of the world, socio-political intellectualism, marriage as a dying social institution and citizens of the world (all of these things are old news to me). I believe that I will like this forum better than the other one. I like to get away from all of the nonsense around me sometimes. Some people would say that study of the paranormal is nonsense, but it couldn't possibly be any sillier than the world today. :?
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Re: Hello, my name is Kristine

Postby antiskeptic » 14 Jul 2009, 14:30

Welcome. I'm posting to second your last comment. The world is pretty crazy. It also brings up a good point about skeptics. The world is so crazy as it is and yet these people can't bring themselves to believe that fortean subjects are even possible. I mean, we have mainstream physicists saying that the mere presence of an individual perceiving a quantum mechanics experiment can change the experiment, and yet they think that psychokinesis (or telekinesis) is so crazy as to be ludicrous. There isn't a huge leap from saying that perception can change an experiment to believing that perception might be able to cause slight movement at a small level.
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Re: Hello, my name is Kristine

Postby Scepcop » 14 Jul 2009, 17:40

Welcome Kristine.

Glad to see you here finally. I think you will find it a fascinating mind expanding refuge from the craziness of your daily world. All you need is an open mind. It's a pity your life is so stressful. The system is too competitive and greedy. I have a son too and I know now how stressful and exhausting it is to put up with him, especially if he's a boy.

I think you'll find the videos on the Paranormal Videos board to be well worth watching and intriguing. They will help open you up to the world of the Paranormal and Metaphysical.

As to music, that depends on individual preference. But whatever moves your soul and imagination is your tune that will put you in a good mood.

Maybe download some songs by Yanni? I find his music uplifting.

Best Regards,
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