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David Icke's brilliant and witty debunking of 9/11

Discuss Conspiracies and Cover Ups - e.g. 9/11 Truth, JFK Assassination, New World Order, Roswell, Moon Hoax, Secret Societies, etc. whatever conspiracy floats your boat.

David Icke's brilliant and witty debunking of 9/11

Postby Scepcop » 30 Apr 2010, 19:15

You gotta see this one. It's a witty masterpiece. The audience laughs in agreement as David Icke exposes point by point the sheer absurdity of the official 9/11 story with presentation slides.

Part 1 of 8:
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Re: David Icke's brilliant and witty debunking of 9/11

Postby Nostradamus » 30 Apr 2010, 21:03

That was so boring I almost fell asleep.

After 9 years still no evidence of anything the twoofers claim. How do you explain that?
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Re: David Icke's brilliant and witty debunking of 9/11

Postby ciscop » 01 May 2010, 02:13

oh yeah.. this is the memorable talk he gave at a mental assylum
mad people laugh a lot

anybody that believes there is such a thing as a raze of shapeshifting lizards that control the world is insane
how much credibility does an insane guy has??
None! Zero! N A D A
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