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Giants, Ogres and Little People of the western hemisphere

Discussions about Unexplained Creatures and Cryptozoology. E.g. Bigfoot, The Lochness Monster, The Jersey Devil, etc.

Giants, Ogres and Little People of the western hemisphere

Postby Atehequa » 10 May 2014, 01:10

Sometimes I tend to think these hairy hominids have been around a long time roaming over most of the world and that there are different species and subspecies of them. It is very well possible they were migrating to the western hemisphere before and during the times when humans drifted across Beringia into North America as there is no fossil records of hominids as in Africa, Asia and Europe

Other times I wonder if they have always been on this continent. Regardless of their geographical origins I tend to think of them as supernatural beings.

If they were immigrants to the western hemisphere there were probably all shapes and sizes of them coming over the 1000 mile wide land bridge. Ranging from dwarf like beings that possibly inspired American Indian tales of little people, to massive giants 10’ or taller and everything in between, native legends are fraught with them. References to giants and ogre like beings are frequent in the legends of Inuit and other native tribes of the western hemisphere. Many of these creatures were said to be man eaters and associated with cannibal spirit tales as they waylaid lone hunters, or steal off with women and children. In some of these tales the cannibal giants are looked upon with extreme bias, hunted down, killed and their bodies burnt to ashes. Perhaps in earlier times these beings were more numerous, but now only existing within remote places in smaller, but wiser, human shy remnant populations.

Aside from the large Sasquatch, or Bigfoot creatures there are several other varieties still reported today. In the American southeast there are reports of skunk apes, some described as anthropoids moving around on all fours, either gorilla or chimpanzee-like in appearance, and sometimes as giant slender gibbon-like creatures. Other skunk apes are said to resemble Bigfoot, but somewhat smaller. All are said to have a terrible stench.

In the Arctic regions extending down into northern United States there have long been reports of creatures called marked hominids so named for the piebald lighter patches of hair on their bodies. These creatures are said to be 6 to 7 ' tall and more human-like than Bigfoot. They have been known to make trade with humans and have a rudimentary language. Similar creatures have been reported in other northerly climes around the world.

Now and then there have been reports of human sized Neanderthal-like wild people. I once read about a witness describing one as wearing old raggedy clothes and sneakers.

In Mexico and Central America there have been reports of a large hairy biped known as the Sisemite and another human size creature called the Ulak. Both are said to be extremely vicious and are known to carry off humans.

Be they only 3’ tall dwarfs or 10’ giants, most native tribes claim these human- like creatures have supernatural powers and to look one in the eyes can sometimes bring about, misfortune, sickness, or even death.

Later I'll go onto describe these beings a bit more.
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