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Tommy Lightning Bolt: Native Americans and Bigfoot

Discussions about Unexplained Creatures and Cryptozoology. E.g. Bigfoot, The Lochness Monster, The Jersey Devil, etc.

Tommy Lightning Bolt: Native Americans and Bigfoot

Postby Scepcop » 01 Jul 2009, 00:36

An Interview with Tommy Lightning Bolt

Native Americans and Bigfoot

By Brent Raynes

Tommy Lightning Bolt is a spiritual Native American teacher, counselor and healer who resides in the state of Oregon. To learn more about Tommy Lightning Bolt and his personal encounters with Bigfoot read this thought-provoking interview. To learn more about his spiritual beliefs and his life journey visit his website at:

Editor: Tommy, although we've previously discussed Native American spirituality and UFOs, until I posted Khat Hansen's interview describing her Bigfoot experiences, which Coast to Coast AM put a link to on their website, I did not know that you too have had Bigfoot encounters. I appreciate you agreeing to share personal details of your own Bigfoot experiences with us. Could you begin by describing your first encounter? How you became aware of their presence and how you reacted to discovering their very existence?

Tommy Lightning Bolt: Well, this is quite a long history, going back some 15 years or so. I have never talked publicly about this experience, nor do I go out of my way purse to say, "Hey, I've seen Bigfoot!!!"

I understand that this is a different level of reality than most people are used to, but this is a real thing to those who have seen it as opposed to someone in New York City who has never even seen a bear in the wild. What may be a head liner to one person is yesterdays news to another person.

I have lived my entire life in the State of Oregon. I was younger than I am now. I was hiking with a friend on a Mountain in the Siskiyou Mountains in Southern Oregon on the the edge of the Oregon California border. We were hiking up the saddle of the Mountain and we were in deep Montain (not mountain, but MONTAIN) Old Growth Fir forest, trees 4-8 feet wide on an average for the old ones, at approximately 3500 feet elevation (the valley floor being at 1400 feet above sea level). We had stopped for a moment to rest at a huge boulder covered in moss. I, for no apparently conscious reason told my friend, "We are not alone, I don't know why I am saying this... But we are not alone." And then I totally forgot I even said it. We continued up the Mountain around to the right just below the edge of the ridge, and then we came up to the top of the ridge line again. Then we hiked down the other side. We came upon a huge rock that had a drop off on the front (like a small rock plateau that jetted out of the Mountain side) that was about 35 feet down to the forest floor in front of the rock, which my friend and I rested on for a smoke. When we were done I pulled out my pan flute and blew a very loud note. When the first echo went through the forest we heard an extremely loud, "Crack" below us and about 50 feet to the right, which was so loud it echoed through the forest. I looked at my friend and he was looking at me with eyes the size of silver dollars! The look on his face was definitely a Kodak Moment!!

About 5 seconds later we then heard a very loud crashing sound every 2 seconds or so which seemed to move down toward the left which actually was loud enough to echo through the timbers! I then suspected... Bigfoot! Having grown up in the Mountains I know sound, and when you hear a sound it is usually not coming from where it sounds like it is. So I looked where I instinctively know where it would of been originating from and I saw a patch of hair that was red/brown, the top of it was blond (almost like the hair on the top of his head was frosted). It was about 9 or 10 feet tall and about 2 to 2 1/2 feet thick, and it was seemingly gliding through the forest. My friend and I were both very scared, for we both knew what ever it was it was very big to make the crashing sound it made when it walked. Yes, I say, "Walked." Because it had very long strides, the length of time between each crashing sound of its foot fall. The weight sounded like 1000 pounds crashing through the forest. There is no way it was human. No way at all! No human could possibly make a sound that loud when they walk through the forest, and the friend that was with me said the same thing. I know what it wasn't, from what I saw with my own two eyes.

So, we were up on that rock, and the creature must of went behind a big old growth tree which I could clearly see just down below us and stayed for a moment, so I continued playing my flute after the initial shock of the encounter. My friend was freaked and tried to get me to stop playing my flute, and I said to him, "No Dude! I hear they like music!" So I kept playing my flute. The being must have stayed there for a good 10 to 15 minutes while I played my flute, and I felt truly honored. Then we figure it must have left then because we heard a skittering through some brush that was down and to the left of the fir tree. But it must have been focused in it's movement that time, because we did not hear the loud crashing we heard the first time. The sound seemed to get further and further away, until we could barely hear it, then we heard big branches breaking and it seemed as if it was throwing a temper tantrum. I told my friend I figured it went around the mountain far enough till it went over the ridge line and crossed the path we took hiking up... Our scent trail! It clearly was not happy that we were there, and it acted very agitated. My friend and I waited quite a while and then we high-tailed it off the Mountain. Later I played around with my own stride in walking and found the length of time between the sound of it's foot fall equaled 2 of my strides to one of it's strides. My friend concurred that it was accurate. My friend also reminded me that I had said we were not alone right before the encounter happened. I was totally blown away. I had completely forgotten about saying it. My friend and I agreed to go back up there to look for footprints in 3 days. When the day came I stopped by his house to pick him up, but he said he didn't want to go. I knew that he was scared, and I understood his feelings but nonetheless I went up there on my own, but found no foot prints. In retrospect the way we ended up at the point of the encounter, as we came around the mountain and down, it was not able to detect our scent so as not to have time to hide, as if we caught it off guard.

I was really more curious and exited than afraid. I have never been scared in the forest, as the forest is my solace. And if I was going to die I would rather die in the mountains than a building, and to die at the hands of a being of legend did not scare me, I just figured... What a way to go! I also at that point had no doubt at all that the creature known as "Bigfoot" did in fact exist, despite the arguments that there is no "tooth and bone" evidence. Cougars exist and I have never found any remains of them in the 28 years or so I lived in the Mountains, and I have done more hiking in 1 year than most people do in an entire lifetime. The same can be said for Bears, and Wolves, and Coyotes. There are mysteries that are not explained. That is why they are called "Mysteries." But Bigfoot is safer if people just think it is a "Myth."

Editor: Since then, you've had additional encounters with Bigfoot. Can you share details of what those encounters have been like, what you saw and felt, and what you have learned from these experiences?

Tommy Lightning Bolt: Yes, I have had many, many encounters with Bigfoot since then. I have found several Bigfoot "Hot spots." One time in one of the places I discovered I had caught one off guard and startled it and it projected an energy so terrifying that I wanted to run! I was within 25 feet of it when the forest exploded in thunder as it crashed off deeper into the forest. This is one of it's defense mechanisms. I was also using an open flame oil lamp to find my way in the dark because my flashlight went out. It was probably the fire that upset it. They don't like fire or "Warm" light. That same night it scared me so bad I walked all the way home off the Mountain 9 miles! When I made it home (at dawn) there was something tickling my face, and to my surprise there was a black hair about a foot long hanging off my back pack being blown by the wind into my face! The hair was coarse and kind of frizzy and it was not my hair because my hair is brown, and soft and smooth. I went back a few weeks later and offered it music and thought projected into the forest, "I am sorry if I upset you, I meant no harm, please forgive me. Here is some music for you, I hope you enjoy it." And that started a very long and meaningful relationship with them that live there. It has gotten to the point that when I am there I can hear them just over yonder shifting their weight, hanging out. I know that they are there, and they know that I am there, and I know that they know that I know they are there, and they know that I know that they are there, and we are all fine with it. At one point in an encounter in this same general area, I have been surrounded in the darkness by 5 different Beings, with 5 different spots of crashing sound in the forest around me within, 50-75 feet of me, and I was never hurt in any way. I don't go there with a chainsaw to destroy. I go there to just be, with love, respect, music, and sacred herbs, and sacred ceremony. I literally treat them like I do the Elders in my Native American family that I recognize as my Elders.

In the same area I also was hiking with one of my Wolves and he suddenly ran up the trail very fast and barking, then darted off to the right into the deep timber. When I ran up the trail to where he had ran off, the branches 8 to 9 feet up were swaying and there was no breeze, and I could hardly hear him barking! Despite popular belief Wolves do bark. I was afraid for my friends safety so I thought projected into the forest,"This is my best friend, I love him, please please don't hurt my best friend." He later came back to my and he was safe, and happy and wagging his tail, all smiles.

This same area got National attention when a few years back a therapist was hiking with his family and he observed a Bigfoot watching his family! The Therapist went on Fox News (I think it was) and told his story. The News Media of course made him out to be a crack pot! But in truth, where he had his encounter is where I have had 90% of my encounters! I genuinely believe he was telling the truth. If the location has been forgotten then let it be forgotten, I won't divulge the location because over much time and experiences I have built a relationship with them at that site. I will not jeopardize them and their safety by telling people where to go to find them. I have had extensive conversations at my home with the research director, who seems to me to be genuine and sincere and a good person and I won’t even tell her where I have had my encounters.

There was also one time where I was at the bottom of the Mountain that I mentioned in my first encounter. I had my Alpha Wolf with me, and once again... He ran off barking. I thought, "Oh no! Great! Here we go again!" So I thought projected into the forest, "This is my best friend. I love him. Please please don't hurt my best friend." As I walked further into the canyon I heard a yelp. I knew it was my Alpha Wolf and I knew he was hurt, but I knew it wasn't bad. As I rounded the bend in the trail I could see him through the bushes. His tail end was visible from around an Old Growth Fir Tree about 4 feet wide. I could see his tail wagging as if he was happy and wanted to play. I knew there was something else behind that tree, but I was in no great hurry to see it. So I called my Wolf back to me, and eventually he did come back to me. When he came running back I saw on his fur coat a smear of blood on his back. I was concerned and loved him and petted him. As he was soaking up my love (Quite happily) I took my fingers and split the hair on his back to look down into his fur, and the blood was only on the surface of his coat. He was not bleeding! Whatever caused him to yelp in pain was from something strategically swatting him that had blood on its hands (Or claws). If it was a Bear, or a Cougar, they would not have stopped with one swat. He would of been killed. Whatever hit him was strategic and calculating as to encourage him to stay down, but as to not do any lasting physical harm. I know he really liked to jump up on people (as if to try to kiss them).

Another time I was in this same exact spot with a Cherokee/Choctaw partner. It was night, and I was playing my flute music and I was telling her about Bigfoot being there at that spot. I thought projected a message to the Bigfoot in the forest, "Please show her you’re real." About 2 or 3 minutes later a huge tree about 2 hundred feet away was pushed over, and at that time there was no wind at all. It was a warm summer night. It was deliberate. I asked her, "Do you believe me now?" She said, "Yes."

So, if I want to hang out with Bigfoot I know where to go. I have had dozens of encounters. Building a relationship is very difficult and time consuming. There are some pretty serious trust issues on their part. They are very upset at what we as humans have done to the Earth. Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest predominantly live in Old Growth Forest, and 97% of that forest is GONE, COMPLETELY DESTROYED! How would you feel if you were in their position? They know is it is our nature to destroy whatever we touch. If humans touch them they will be destroyed too. The Alaskan Natives have a saying, "Bigfoot is afraid of his shadow. If he can see his shadow men with guns can see him." Which leads to a point I want to make. Bigfoot is NOT nocturnal. Are you nocturnal in your home? Bigfoot are more gutsy at night because they think we can’t see in the dark. But they are there night and day. They also tend to live in loose knit tribal systems, which is to say several loose knit families living in the same territory. There are tribal laws that they must follow, some of which include to not allow themselves to be seen, and to not leave any evidence of their existence, and don't do anything that will bring heat down on the tribe. They are self governing. They are also on every major continent on the face of this Earth.

It is the Bigfoot that have been kicked out of the tribe that can be the dangerous ones, because there is not anyone that they have to answer to, there are no rules they have to adhere to. Bigfoot is a shape shifter and an inter-dimensional traveler of sorts, using portals similar to the fairy portals or "Little People Portals." They are also extremely psychic and telepathic. They communicate through thought transference. I have learned that when I leave them offerings of food it needs to be 100% organic, for to expose them to the industrial world in any way is to kill them! I stress this point because I have known people who have left them store bought food with good intentions.

The Bigfoot don't always intend to be seen. They are usually seen when they are preoccupied or distracted. For them to be seen is to bring heat down on the entire tribe! When they are dealing with a specific individual in a spiritual manner they choose who sees them. They are also not vegetarian as some people think. They are just like most of us. They eat what they can get. After all it does come down to survival, and 97% of their food sources are gone. Bigfoot themselves are covered in long hair. The color can really vary from black, to brown, to reddish brown. I even spoke to an Alaskan Native who saw one walking across a swamp that was half dark brown and his top torso was, "The color of a brown paper bag." They generally have wide shoulders, and long arms. This information: "They can get up to 15 feet tall. They can get up to 3000 years old here" is passed on to me from a Yurok/Karuk Native of Northern California. These tribes have had extensive experience with the Bigfoot, including in ceremony and council. It is also noteworthy that the famous Patterson footage taken in Northern California was obtained with the help of a Yurok Indian (A Bigfoot medicine man) who performed a ceremony that lured the Bigfoot out of hiding so Patterson could get a good photo of it! And the Indian was sick for a long time afterwards for his spiritual violation. I am very careful who I bring along with me to the places I have my experiences with Bigfoot. The Bigfoot will know your intentions upon entering their environment. I have spoken anonymously with a Bigfoot research center up North and they confirmed that they had reports of Bigfoot getting to heights of 15 feet tall. They also tend to mark their territory (and I'm not talking about urinating on the trees), and compete with the bears for territorial rights. You will also not be too likely to find Little People within Bigfoot territory as the Bigfoot tend to eat them.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned about them is when you are in the forest, you had better be on your best behavior because you are in someone else's house and they are bigger, faster, and 1000 times more powerful than you are. So be respectful! I have been in situations where if they wanted to kill me they could have, and there would have been no one for miles to hear my screams! But one of the biggest things I have on my side in all of this is the medicine persons who have trained me (one of which is Yurok/Karuk Native) told me one of my spirit powers/medicines is Bigfoot medicine, so I regard them as family and sacred, and vice versa.

Editor: Many subscribe to a man-ape kind of missing link scenario with regard to Bigfoot, but you don't agree with that. Can you explain why?

Tommy Lightning Bolt: Well, it's awfully hard for them to be a missing link between Ape and Man when they are not from here in the first place! O.K., O.K., to your readers who may think this is getting far fetched, think of their abilities (the Bigfoot), then think of what Alien abductees have reported in their experiences and the abilities that they have reported the Aliens having...thought transference... telepathic communication. Lack of memory recall about an experience (this has been reported in Bigfoot encounters)... Dimensional shifting... Walking through trees, stones etc... Are you starting to get the picture?

For example, a friend of mine was up in the Mountains in the Siskiyou's and they saw a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot noticed that it had been seen, so it walked behind a tree. My friend walked up to the tree and walked around it and the Bigfoot was gone! There was no bushes it could have ducked into, it was just... Gone! This was also witnessed by a second party too! I relayed this account to the Yurok/Karuk man I trained under and he said to me, "You know what it did don't you?" I replied, "It vanished?" He said, "No. It became the tree." That is why it is so important to always give tobacco when harvesting things in the forest. You could be harvesting a Bigfoot!

To most people this kind of thing is an advanced technology, but it isn't advanced at all. It is one of the most basic, primal abilities in the Universe. It is the power of thought, of mind! For example, the original Star Gate program of the U.S. Government that is discussed in a book called "Psychic Warrior: A look into the original Star Gate Program." It wasn't with high tech machines and computers. It was all done with the human mind, traveling through time! Some people consider this a non reality, but it is in fact just a different level of reality that is still not accepted by those of the mainstream consensus reality! Are you with me on this? Are you following what I am saying?

I will give another example. I know someone who told me a true story. They said that everything is actually composed of very tiny "dots", and if you can learn to relax your vision you can start to see the dots and come to realize that nothing around us is solid. He said he knew someone who got so good with it that they accidentally put their hand through a wall! And when they realized what they had done, they panicked! And when they panicked everything froze up and became solid again and their hand got stuck in the wall! He said he knows it was real because he was the one who was called to go over to the person's house and cut their hand out of the wall!

This is some of the same technology that Bigfoot uses, and this is some of the same technology that the Alien Abductees witness!

Editor: What about UFOs?

Tommy Lightning Bolt: Well, in my reality there is a connection between Bigfoot and UFO's, albeit indirect rather than direct. All I have to say is second hand information about this issue as I have not had any first hand eye accounts (Bigfoot and UFO's in the same sighting), even though the information comes from excellent, and reliable sources. There are some races of Star Beings that tinker with the Bigfoot's D.N.A. and the Bigfoot are just resigned to have to deal with it, very much the same way that humans are helpless against Alien abduction. I have had conversations with several people who have seen "Lights in the sky" at the same time as their Bigfoot encounters. But this certainly does not mean that if you see a Bigfoot you will see a UFO, or vice versa.

Used with permission of Brent Raynes. Thank you Brent!

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