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Debunking PseudoSkeptical Arguments of Paranormal Debunkers


Foreword by Victor Zammit

This is the definitive book on pseudo-skepticism. What author Winston Wu has to tell the world will have a huge effect on how we deal with invalid objections to evidence for the paranormal and other unconventional phenomena. It will be a memorable and lasting contribution that will never date.

Winston undoubtedly has shown that he has authority on pseudo-skepticism. I have known Winston for many years and can attest to the skill and endurance with which he has gone into combat with those who try to debunk the paranormal. He has deliberately provoked and prodded - and has had thrown at him every unfair, unreasonable and deceptive argument that they could come up with. I know well the intensity of the attacks because those who attacked Winston attacked me as well.

But those attacks were not analytical – they were descriptive and did not rebut the evidence. In this book Winston takes the throw away lines, the “red herrings” and logical fallacies frequently used by the pseudo-skeptic and systematically shows why they are not valid. His contribution is one that transcends subjectivity, prejudices and bias and appeals to value-free objectivity and repeatability – two ingredients that are most fundamental when testing the paranormal for validity.  


Winston shows – and I totally agree with him – that his critics do not have the skills, the capacity and the ability to perceive objective evidence with true empirical equanimity. He points out that open minded skeptics – the true, genuine ‘skeptics’ – initially doubt any proposition made. By being open minded, they can discriminate between objective, repeatable evidence and anecdotal or subjective evidence, and are willing to put aside their skepticism when the evidence supports the hypothesis.  Winston is an open-minded skeptic, as I am, and as most normal people and scientists are too.

But there is also a class of skeptics that Winston calls pseudo-skeptics who will never accept any evidence for the paranormal, no matter how objective, and no matter how repeatable it is. They are relatively few in number, but they do make a lot of noise and their role has been to aggressively and willfully misdirect, mislead and confuse the public about legitimate unconventional research in areas such as the paranormal. Winston makes the point that these pseudo-skeptics’ minds generalize other things as well: conspiracies are never investigated by them; miraculous healings attested to by physicians are never investigated.


Those who have studied Winston’s work in the past know already how meticulous he has been in dealing with every objection the pseudo-skeptics make. His approach is extremely logical, thorough and compatible with courtroom science. Whilst the pseudo-skeptics will never allow their unsupported subjective beliefs to be subjected to litigation type cross-examination, Winston Wu’s arguments would pass all legitimate tests.

Those of us interested in unconventional phenomena and the paranormal – i.e. paranormal investigators, afterlife empirical- investigators, mediums, psychics, those who use their services and others – will find this book invaluable. It provides irrefutable arguments that can be used to counter unfair attacks by the ill-informed and the debunker, and shows that unconventional knowledge and the paranormal do have a legitimate place in our lives.



Victor Zammit

Retired Attorney and Author of A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife




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