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How do email scams like this work?

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How do email scams like this work?

Postby Scepcop » 05 Mar 2011, 20:11

And what happens if you email them and follow up?

Hello Dear,

Compliment of the season to you.

This is to notify you that I have deposited your

Fund of (750,000.00us) with the western union money transfer to be tranfered/send to you.They told me that they will be sending the sum of $5,000.00us to you everyday untill the total sum is completed.

Below is the information to your first payment of the $5,000.00us you can track it and confirm the MTCN ready to pick up by clicking on (

Sender's Name: Mohamed Ali
Text Question: Boy
Text Answer: Girl
MTCN: 220-181-5651

Once, you pick it you should try to let them know so that they can send you another payment.

Contact the western union on;
Name;Ahmed Mamoud (Foreign Operation Manager)

And you should not hesitate to let me know when ever you recieves your fund,
Yours Faithfully,

Sani Mustapha

I entered the control number above info into Western Union's website, by the way, and nothing came up.
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Re: How do email scams like this work?

Postby NinjaPuppy » 05 Mar 2011, 20:33

These emails are usually laden with links that will install trojans into your computer. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS! The links may look legit but they are not.
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Re: How do email scams like this work?

Postby micky011 » 03 Jul 2012, 21:47

Hello Friends
email scams is very common in all over world.
every one i am say , don not open like any lo try email, this is screamer.
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Re: How do email scams like this work?

Postby Hozagya » 12 Oct 2015, 15:40

Wow, is not that good. Very useful
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