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My experiences...(Disturbing)

Share your paranormal and psychic experiences here. Do you have any stories of how you came to realize that there were other dimensions or levels of reality? NO SKEPTICS ALLOWED!

My experiences...(Disturbing)

Postby johnmichael80 » 02 Jan 2014, 19:08

In the past few years, strange things have been happening to me. I've had a handful of what I believe to be psychic experiences. I'll work my way backward. Most recently was the terrorist attack at the russian train station. To start I always have very vivid drems, that seem to sometimes happen in rel time, and often i actually have concies thought in my dreams, more like i'm seeing my dreams and recting more than just experiencing the dream, this takes me to this. The night before this happened i was having a very pleasant dream actually full of color and happy, but then it very abruptly changed I felt like i was suffocating and stuck, everything turned to a dark gray color and i slowly began having sound fade in, it was just alot of people and background, kind of like you were in a busy mall, then there was a loud crack, not like a boom, but a sharp crack like a gun going off in your ear, then it was just ringing, and i felt like confused like i couldn't figure out what happened, then it felt like i was being pulled, but like it was happening to my sleeping body, but i couldn't wake up, then i started heering noises again cries, yelling, things falling, then snap I awoke from the dream. I sat there for a few seconds sort of confuse, then all the sudden this feeling of extreme sadness came over me, like i had just lost someone I loved. I went back to sleep and it wasnt till the next day that I was flipping channels, and i never watch the news cause I'm disgusted by the world, but coincidentaly as i flipped past cbs news the only word i heard was terrorist, so I flipped back, and low and behold there it was...i was kind of shocked and disturbed. This has happened to me on two other occasions, the Quantico ba<x>se shooting, and The tornados that devestaded alabama, however these had visuals as well. The quantico incident was tge most disturbing. It only lasted a few seconds, i remember feeling cold, i could hear peopl screaming at me, but i wasnt focused on what they were saying, I just felt extreme sadness and was looking at a handgun in my hand, then crack i had turned it on myself, dream over, same waking confusion followed by exyreme sadness, but also a hugw guilt feeling, and this also occured the night of and quite possibly as the shooting took place. The Alabma tornado incident was the most profound to me because of the vividness and detail. It started abruptly i was in the midfle of running out the door af a house, and i was only a small boy make 9 or 10, my parents were screaming at me from a storm celler across the yard, it was a good distance so i was running, i tripped and fell and i felt sharp pain in the dream, i could smell the storm charged air, feel the wind and rain, hear thunder, there was a large willow tree about half way, it was as i reached it that i began being blown off my feet, i grabbed ahold of the tree and it was then the feeling of knowing 100% i was going to die came over me, then boom dream ends, and i wake up same feeling of sadness and loss. Now these aren't the only experiences twice one time when i was 8 and once a few months ago I've been laying in bed very close to sleep and suddenly i feel a weight on me and i cant move or breathe or scream or even blink, than a voice indistinguishablebetween a man or womans has said to me "the bleeds for the east, watch the waters rise" then everything goes back to normal. I pissed my pants the first time and cried for hours. I'm not insane I know these things happened. I know this all sounds like BS, but I swear its real and i'm not crazy. Has anyone ever experienced things like this?!?! These dreams and messages changed the way i feel about life seriously. I'm not making this up this is 100% honesty. I'm disturbed by this and I know if i tell anyone they won't beleive me...HELP!!
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Re: My experiences...(Disturbing)

Postby NinjaPuppy » 02 Jan 2014, 20:11

Welcome to the forum.

I don't know what to tell you other than try keeping a dream journal.
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Re: My experiences...(Disturbing)

Postby tailchaser » 30 Oct 2015, 20:59

I'm sure that people could come up with many different explanations for this kind of thing. One vague theory is that you had the intuition that something was going to happen subconsciously due somehow being able to predict an event happening due to you sensing of something coming. You could have picked up info uncounsiously this being evaluated in your dream processes. Perhaps you were also being influenced by some kind of external interference, harmful or not. These are some possibilities..
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Re: My experiences...(Disturbing)

Postby paparoch » 18 May 2016, 17:58

Help make this the Do not post anything bad to me.
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Re: My experiences...(Disturbing)

Postby Kurobuta » 28 Apr 2017, 15:42

I owe you one!
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