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What and where is the soul?

Discussions about Afterlife Research, Survival Science, Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Spirit Communication, Mediumship, Ghosts, Spirits, etc.

What and where is the soul?

Postby Alan McDougall » 28 Jun 2012, 23:00


The Soul” is the source of all happiness, all misery, health, and disease, abundance and lack, riches and poverty, joy and sorrow. As the greatest

Our “Soul” is a microcosm and creates the macrocosm universe and more until it all consolidates into the godhead.

If you experience these things then you have an eternal soul, do you think a state of soullessness emptiness exists in you?

If you do you must and would die. By that I mean your physical body will die, because it is your soul or mind that sustains it as one harmonious organism

Like a laser beam, “the Soul” can focus its attention on the smallest atom or see the whole universe as if it is a speck. “The Soul” can become part of the environment and embrace the entire cosmos.

I know this is true, because when I died during my NDE I became god for a few wonderful inexplicable moments outside of linear time and space.

The speed of thought is more than the speed of light. In a millisecond, “the Soul” can reach the farthest galaxy, billions of light years away.

It is instantaneous and unlimited by space or time. For example, the precocious genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart said that he could hear a musical work as a single event and not successively.

What is thought what consciousness is??

What “the Soul” is and where it is situated has been debated for centuries. Rarely two philosophers agree on one definition or location for “the Soul”.

Rene Descartes, French philosopher, scientist, and mathematician said that there is a total and absolute distinction between mental and material substance and that “the Soul” he said situated in the pineal gland. I disagree the soul is a quantum energy field hovering around our body, especially the head area near the brain and many see it as an aura

“The Soul” is non material and cannot become part of a material such as the brain, pineal gland or amygdala.

We can go through every nerve cell, analyze electrochemically, spectroscopically, mass-photographically, electronically, and, using all known tests, we will not find any indication of “the Soul”.

There is no single location for the “the Soul”. The human “the Soul” is distributed throughout the human body and its environment.

Every cell has its own “the Soul” and has the ability to function independently or jointly with all the cells of the body.

For example, a neuron is capable of deciding whether it will transmit information to another nerve cell and, if it will, to which one among the thousands of cells with which it is in contact.

Similarly, endocrine cells decide whether they will respond to a demand for a particular enzyme by cells in another far corner of the body.

Even sponge cells exhibit a similar capacity of awareness. When a piece of sponge is ground up and individual cells are suspended in solution, they will come together and become a complete sponge within a few hours.

This indicates that each cell has a “Soul” of its own to decide to combine with another sponge cell and with which of the thousands of cells floating in solution.

Just as each of the thousand pieces of a splintered mirror will show the same reflection of an object as the whole mirror, each cell reflects our “the Soul” and each cell in the universe we humans etc, reflects the Universal Soul called by us as God
The Soul separates from the physical body at death and travels into the afterlife.
Alan McDougall
Alan McDougall
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Re: What and where is the soul?

Postby Craig Browning » 29 Jun 2012, 20:24

Very Interesting Essay!

Theologians have argued for eons (literally) as to where the soul exist within the individual; many have claimed the heart to be the seat of the soul while others claim it is the brain and other still suggest it is a shared position between the two. Then we have the more metaphysical idea of the soul existing outside the physical body within the Aura, but has tethers attached to the primary chakras; this being how the Universe feeds us the energy that allows us to be aware, sensitive and "connected" to the ALL . . . the mystical and elusive IS some have called "God" and/or "Goddess" for centuries.

Whether the soul can be proven within the parameters of current science is quite questionable at best, even with the advent of Quantum perspectives. Yet, it is Quantum Physics that presently lends to us the greatest probability of proving out such a thing alongside other phenomena that is allied with the soul & spirituality i.e. Psychic abilities and even the phenomena of Ghost or postmortem continuance on the terrestrial plane (different dimension but same horizon, so to speak).

To be "Soulless" is quite possible; our modern culture proving out such realities on a daily basis, as we find the cold-hearted and self-obsessed quite literally walking on the backs of others and oddly, not always aware of the fact that the do so. One side of this can be found within the auspices of Atheism/Agnosticism but in truth, when one breaks things down from the philosophic side, such people tend to host the peace of mind and heart the majority of us who walk the paths of mystery & enlightenment, seek. Not all such people manifest this truth, but many do. Many are unfortunately vindictive in their attitude; their Atheism comes with a large chip on their shoulder in that they are angry at God and the institutions man has built up around an apparent lie. I more than understand this venom in that I too share a loathing towards all forms of organized religion; they are all false in that man has given them structure and tangible status and as such, mankind has made carnal that which is natural, free, and accessible to all; there is no need for clergy or temples or sermons or tithes, just independent acts of introspection and conscious evolution on the spiritual level of understanding & awareness.

So no, one needn't be an "Atheist" to be soulless but one will be regimental in attitude and insistent when it comes to his/her pragmatism, carrying it to a cruel extreme. We see a considerable abundance of such attitudes amongst the master statisticians & mathematicians and even physicists and Yet, we likewise find those of strong spirit, maturity and spiritual peace because intellectualism, contemplating and acts of genuine thought (vs. thinking) allowed them to find harmony between the analytical and the metaphysical. So again, we find that true soullessness cannot be sat within the niche of intellectual thought and theory nor that of the scholastic mind. While you may find the zealot that evangelizes from this position, they are the exception and frequently found to be false when viewed by their own peers.

What we do find in these two particular areas however, is how philosophic zeal and related dogmacy robs the individual of his/her heart and how many take but the smallest seed of supposed logic and use it to justify prejudice and ridicule; antics & actions that mirror the very people they loathe and distrust. In this we find those that have at minimum, suppressed (buried) their soul into the depths of their psyche in the hope that they may never be faced by it and their humanity, ever again. The tortured soul is what results and though it knows little other than bitterness, it is not completely without a soul but rather, one that is hidden and misplaced as the result of immaturity and fear. Ironically, this same condition exists amongst "believers" as well as the non-believer in that it is the same type of prison -- an existence with blinders firmly glued in place and a myopia brought about by personal arrogance.

The truly soulless is demonic by its very nature. It does not strike out with evangelic zeal nor will it deliberately challenge others based on faith or science. No, this creature has little to no sense of connection to the ALL, or perhaps we should say "the light" in that what they do and live for is certainly dark. They see their fellow human being as tools and pawns via which they are able to obtain power, position and carnal trappings. In parts of the world such a heartless being would be seen as a "Demon" -- a human being without compassion or empathy that sees the world as something to exploit rather than protect.

Yes, we are looking at the collective conscience found in numerous Fortune 1000 businesses as well as members of those ultra-wealthy families that believe it their birthright to suppress the poor and exploit the working class however possible, draining them of their hope, income, and life-essence.

The soulless are few and not always beings of extreme power and fortune in that a fraction of them are simply the damned incarnate -- the sociopaths and predators of society who thrive on acts of cruelty be it the criminal on the streets or the "father" behind closed doors.

This is something for which much consideration is required. ;)
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Craig Browning
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Re: What and where is the soul?

Postby Twain Shakespeare » 06 Jul 2012, 20:37

I've tried to resist, but I have to ask, What the heck are you talking about? I ask, because I avoid the word "soul" except in reference to jazz music.

That said, I am slowly getting your range, Alan ( and a hardy welcome to a Scot. My last name is Ross, despite the Sassanach monikers) I agree with Craig, that yours was an interesting essay, one which I hope I will reread. I understood your personal definition of "Soul", I think, and I share, I think, a distaste for Cartesian dichotomies. Reading your essay in light of this definition, "Our “Soul” is a microcosm and creates the macrocosm universe and more until it all consolidates into the godhead," put in my mind to say this to you... "The soul is a verb, grok?"

Craig, I think I have read enough of your thoughts to understand your drift, so my problem is, aside from a high degree of agnosticism on the subject matter, the huge amount of effort it would have taken me merely to define the terms needed to write on "robothood" and/or the kind of pathological "soulessness" you described (these do not seem to be same thing) You also apparently intentionally and knowingly put distinct groups into this common class of the soul-less. I understand the kleptocrats being viewed as "souless" in the sense of "lacking compassion", but you distinguish them from the "damned incarnate", which you also fuzzily define. I've known pimps and pushers with as much or little soul as priests or politicians (not much)

I am also unclear, Craig, on rather you are accusing, or excusing, the Randi or Dawkinsite atheist of being “soul-less”.

And most of all my mind keeps reeling away from attempting to define what you mean by the terms, Craig, but I must try.

Alan, I think I understood you in terms of “soul” being a verb, although you give it a quality that puts it both in the process of grokking, and outside of time (this is plausible, and if you don't know the word “dunnology” already, Alan, you should ;) )

Craig, my understanding of your concept of the soul matches that much. It is soulesseness in your terms I am asking about. By soulessness do you mean the eldritch non-reflection of the robot or zombie (due to the same sort of soulessness Frankenstein's creation worried about. Do androids dream of electric sheep?) Or do you mean that lack of compassion described in the Torah as “souls full of sleep”? Also, you talking about different things (kleptocrats vs pseudoskeptics vs serial killers, for example) or are you seeing these things have a common cause?

Darn it, Craig. You got me considering metaphysics. ;)
"What's so Funny about Peace, Love, and Understanding?"
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Twain Shakespeare
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Re: What and where is the soul?

Postby Alan McDougall » 01 Aug 2012, 14:47

Thanks both of you for great replies :) . In my opinion every living thing has a soul, humans have souls be they of the most evil kind or of the most pure and full of light.

The condition of the soul at death defines where it will end up in the afterlife, after that the story continues to different levels
Alan McDougall
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Re: What and where is the soul?

Postby NinjaPuppy » 01 Aug 2012, 20:15

Alan McDougall wrote:In my opinion every living thing has a soul, humans have souls be they of the most evil kind or of the most pure and full of light.

The condition of the soul at death defines where it will end up in the afterlife, after that the story continues to different levels

I agree with both comments with a slightly different opinion of a soul being kind or evil. I don't think that the 'soul' can have either of these traits but the brain can. It's perception that can determine another being kind or evil.

An example of my statement is that it's generally taught that killing another human being is evil. However, it seems to be just fine in times of war or for punishment for the exact same act. One killing is evil and another is just fine. It all boils down to perception and semantics to me.
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Re: What and where is the soul?

Postby Craig Browning » 01 Aug 2012, 20:21

Sorry for not seeing your questions earlier Twain

I'm not saying that Randi or any specific critic of things spiritual/paranormal is soulless, quite the contrary. I know many "atheists" that live very zen styled lives that most Buddhist would strive to know -- they are literally at peace with themselves and life. On the other hand, I know countless "Christians" that have no soul or sense of humanity.

One's claim of "religious" status does not support the if or not they have a soul, just look at world history and how much war and inhumanity has existed because of Popes & Bishops wanting territory & wealth let alone political conquests. Then again, the god of the bible insisted on so many wars and acts of genocide you'd think his real name was Mars.

The majority of today's soulless individuals actually do go to church, but only because it is "expected" when it comes to social-political and of course networking ethos (just like playing golf). But when it comes to their work they are vicious and take no prisoners . . . kind of like Mitt Romney's resume but on steroids.

In the east a Demon is frequently humanized in the form of any person male or female that has turned their back on society; the sanctity and needs of the general public they are to serve in life, in exchange for personal adoration and forced servitude of the masses. This is a person that will gladly walk on the backs of anyone and everyone until they gain the seat of power and influence they wish as well as all possessions that catch their eye. There is a biblical tale that paints this same idea, the temptations given to Jesus whilst in the wilderness as "Satan" shows him the world and offers it to him as his kingdom or challenges him to turn stone into bread that he might eat, etc. Had the Christ caved in to these mortal oriented temptations he would have failed in his mission to serve his fellow, placing them above himself rather than beneath him. (if only we could get his followers to understand that lesson :roll: )

Some of the most cruel and soulless individuals to ever walk this planet, were outwardly dressed in sheep's clothing.
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Craig Browning
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Re: What and where is the soul?

Postby Paradox » 07 Jul 2013, 02:56

Actually as a person who accepts the evidence for a fair amount of paranormal phenomenon, including (but not limited to) my own personal experiences I've pondered on about these types of questions. Personally I don't feel that nothing is outside of science, so to me a great deal of paranormal phenomenon is really a part of physics and information sciences that we have little knowledge of at this point in time such as in the whats, hows and whys. I'm not sure if my idea of a soul or spirit is the same as most others, but I don't consider myself to be a dualist, because dualism implies a transcendental phenomena, and to me evidence has shown me that there's nothing transcendental about other dimensions that exist in our same space and time.

Quantum Theory demonstrates that it's possible for different dimensions to exist side by side. Pearson goes into detail how spirit worlds can exist around us without being aware nor being able to detect these with our instruments. From reading many different afterlife books it appears that matter on the physical plane has etheric copies in other dimensions. It appears that there's no transcendental spirit world per se, but rather different dimensions with smaller atomic particles (with varying degrees of Planck's Constants) which make up their matter. It also appears that our minds (egos) are fragments of larger minds, and it seems that Mind is stationary though you could call the vehicle the mind registers to a spirit, soul, and of course our human brain. Some researchers have speculated that we have a 'brain-mind' which self-annihilates upon physical death, but where an etheric copy is made as we propagate through life, but I'm not sure if I agree with the latter assumption at this point.
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