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Randi on the run from Homeopathy physical proof

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Randi on the run from Homeopathy physical proof

Postby stevetrueblue » 26 Jul 2012, 16:44

[youtube]<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

[/youtube] ------embed dont work- boo hiss

here is a very quick summary video

And here is the flamboyant amusing John Benneth, Homeopath explaining the simple proof obtained, (by others) that a very dilute solution is not as simple as we all thought.

Seems to be a problem posting 2 videos here. I'm using firefox. And its not happening
Embed code doesnt work either.

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Re: Randi on the run from Homeopathy physical proof

Postby stevetrueblue » 26 Jul 2012, 17:12

Heres the text of the Intro video

Homeopathys Coup de Grace, against James Randi

A recent quiet announcement, by ace skeptic watcher Chris Carter, on the George Noori radio show, that James Randi has backed down on his promise to pay $1Million to anyone proving the homeopathic process by normal scientific method, comes as no surprise, to this other skeptic watcher.
Backed down he has indeed, from Homeopath John Benneth because from out of left field, a disarmingly simple Spamalamadingdong table experiment, already duplicated, has revealed a little known unexpected property of high dilute solutions that defies logic, common sense, and education.

But its there, for everyone to see, on the chart behind John Benneth, on his 20min victory video ,

Puncture voltage of water in kilovolts, after the solute is diluted to apparent non existence, beyond Avogadros number, does not revert to the simple pleasing natural, 6 Kilovolts flatline graph. Defying common sense it goes sideways, zig- zagging up and down around 3.8 and 4 Kv as the solution is apparently "diluted" still further, as if it could be.

This has been duplicated already, demonstrating this unexpected, almost unknown, strange natural property of hi dilutes. Hidden in plain sight from us by nature. And the duplicatable basis of homeopathy, all along, it seems.

So the Pied Piper of the Pseudoskeptics, James Randi has suddenly gone quiet, and wont respond to John Benneth anymore, on the subject of Homeopathy, and $1million and his "promise",

Senior skeptic watcher Chris Carter, pointed this out, on a late night radio talk show, with George Noori.

Its one of Randys best money spinners- the anti homeopathy video, where Randi does his best stand up comedy ridicule of Homeopathy, focussing on the amusing strangeness of high dilutions of astronomical proportions. His performance rivals that of comedian George Burns. Smart one liners, long pauses for the laughter, onstage swagger, and most importantly, its there, at the end, he blatantly asks for pseudoskeptics donations, to his home address, to continue ridiculing homeopathy, onstage.

Suddenly the Randi swaggering has stopped. Silence reigns.

Thats the usual way pseudoskeptics handle disasters and negative events,

After years of ridiculing John Benneth and raking in millions in donations, Randi suddenly, has no time to talk, to John Benneth, LOL

Hard evidence, slapped into Randys out stretched hand ........, doesnt bring the promised million dollars at all, it brings cold silence,

Are we surprised at Randys dishonesty, again?

No, thats normal, but the skeptic donations keep coming in to his Florida home address, from re-runs, of his homeopathy ridicule videos.( Millions),

Oh, Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
who is the most, gullible, of us all?

Why, dear skeptics, its, YOU-ALL, !

For being so readily, held in thrall !

Quick, make another donation to Randys home address in Florida!
Millions of dollars go there, and its never enough,
Now, focus, focus, focus, you got that ? Get your VISA card out, You hear ?

Howls of laughter, from over here,
LOL,LOL, and Randi, is laughing, all the way, to the bank.
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Re: Randi on the run from Homeopathy physical proof

Postby Arouet » 26 Jul 2012, 19:53

If homeopathy is medicine - test it like medicine. Simple.
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Re: Randi on the run from Homeopathy physical proof

Postby thealtagonist » 31 Jul 2012, 16:56

This video and experiment doesn't prove anything other than the fact that Benneth is a loon! Spurious findings in uncontrolled conditions are NOT evidence that homeopathy has any effect or scientific basis
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Re: Randi on the run from Homeopathy physical proof

Postby Frink » 01 Aug 2012, 00:46

The problem here is that both of your sources are not credible. Go to Google groups and look up John Benneth. You will find a number of examples of his, er, unique views of the world. The man, to put it simply, is a kook. Like a lot of kooks, he has animosity against Randi. It would be so much simpler if he could just proivide proof of his assertions: it would be a lot easier than his present work of throwing words at the problem.

An example of Bennetyh's kookiness: ... P6hmtsYBn8

That other video is from kimbo99. I've dealt with him before. He believes in what he believes, period. He refuses to acknowledge that any other opinion is valid. His basic premise is that since science can't accept the paranormal, then it's science's fault. Proof is unnecessary, because it only represses paranormal phenomena. Naturally, he digs up any dirt on Randi he can find, usually imagined. He figures that attacking Randi is the same as proving the paranormal.

There might be something to homeopathy (though that is doubtful). But using obvious kooks as an informaion source does not help the cause.

Now as for Coast to Coast AM as an information source. The show is entertainment: it is not journalism. Noory has the task of bringing listeners in every week. If the people want to listen to great big piles of incompatible conspiracy theories every week, then OK, that is what he puts on.
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Re: Randi on the run from Homeopathy physical proof

Postby cecil1 » 03 Aug 2012, 03:16

I just wanted to thank trueblue for taking the extra time to add the audio as text because I don't have speakers on my work computer.
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Re: Randi on the run from Homeopathy physical proof

Postby KimberlyHardacre » 05 Aug 2012, 18:36

tough luck for Randi, poor guy; hope he get better soon :-s
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