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Who is King Vampire of Monsterland ?

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Who is King Vampire of Monsterland ?

Postby marybrown123 » 26 Sep 2011, 16:17

True Blood Season 4 begins a year after the finale of Season 3, and Bill Compton played by wooden actor Stephen Moyer has been named King Vampire of Monsterland in mostly unseen events. Sookie is gaining control of her fairy powers. A meeting of witches creates chaos for the local vampires, especially Eric.Jason is a full-fledged sherriff's deputy and in danger of becoming a panther. And Sam has to deal with his brother who has gained an upper-handed shapeshifting power.
While the notion of the national rise of the monsters is really a kind of silly, as I'm tongue in cheek deliberately trying to make it sound, I have to say that I can't resist this show. I'm completely hooked in. True Blood has "truly" glamoured me. It's very well produced and has some very cool special effects. While many of the plot lines are really hard to swallow this season and contain various inconsistencies, the stories and side stories are mostly fun and exciting to watch.
And I will be hooked in again in the summer of 2012 when Season 5 returns. As usual, True Blood dvd boxset ended with cliffhangers for all of the main characters that have you jonesing for more True Blood like a bad V addiction. So my DVD which is bought onon seriesonsale will be helpful.You can first see who is monster at earth and know what is going on first.
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