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ET's Home is Found?

Discussion about UFO's, Aliens, ET's, Alien Abductions, Ancient Astronaut theories, etc.

ET's Home is Found?

Postby Craig Browning » 26 Sep 2011, 06:15

I forgot I'd grabbed this last night. . . thought you all might find it interesting.
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Craig Browning
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Re: ET's Home is Found?

Postby Twain Shakespeare » 26 Sep 2011, 06:56

I did find it very interesting, Craig. Twenty light years is far 'nuff from here to give some perspective. I can feel my psyche relaxing and expanding as I comptemplate. Thanx

Two gees tho. I suggest we colonize with dwarfs.
"What's so Funny about Peace, Love, and Understanding?"
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Twain Shakespeare
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